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ECM is a team of specialists with many years of experience and expertise in the field of espresso coffee machines. The company founder and managing director Wolfgang Hauck has been active in the espresso sector for more than 25 years and was instrumental in introducing the Italian espresso culture to Germany. For some years now, Michael Hauck, the son of the founder, has been supporting the management of ECM alongside his father.

The company lovingly manufactures its innovative products in its own factory in Milan and distributes them worldwide through importers and authorized retailers. In August 2014, ECM started with an additional production in Germany. In addition to espresso machines, grinders and accessories such as tamper, brew drawers, cleaning and care products are also manufactured by ECM. While the gastronomy machines of the 'Commercial Line' as well as the grinders are produced in Germany, the machines of the 'Home Line' are meticulously handcrafted in Italy. The dynamic and coffee-loving team works daily on technical innovations for their product lines, because their claim is a perfect espresso for the palate as well as the eye.


ECM has established itself for many years as a successful manufacturer of espresso portafilter machines in the premium sector, combining perfect and elaborate stainless steel design with innovative and convincing professional technology. The products of ECM are characterized by the highest quality and are visually oriented to the nostalgic style of the 1960s. The company's claim is not to offer mass-produced goods but excellent products made of a stainless steel housing, which do almost entirely without plastic. It is undoubtedly professional equipment around the topic of coffee from the house of ECM, regardless of this, the products are easy to use by everyone. The ECM Bundle Technika V PID as well as the ECM Bundle Mechanika V Slim cover all needs of a frahling lover in the premium sector. The bundles are considered a true all-round carefree package, as they cover everything from the portafilter machine, a professional grinder to the tamper that the heart desires for a perfect espresso.  


A visit to the ECM Manufacture Museum in Neckargemünd/Heidelberg is an absolute must for all coffee lovers. Among the popular devices are espresso machines as well as espresso grinders which always manage to attract guests to the in-house museum. However, visitors must arrange their visit by appointment, or take their chance on the open day. Alternatively, the museum can be visited virtually on ECM's homepage.


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Mill cleaner 10 bags
ECM Mill cleaner 10 bags
The best for coffee grinders

Cleaner and descaler

ECM Tamperstation
Polished aluminium

 group cleaner 10 bags
ECM group cleaner 10 bags
Group cleaner for portafilter

Cleaner and descaler

Tamper pressure regulating
ECM Tamper pressure regulating
For constant contact pressure

S-Manuale 64
ECM S-Manuale 64
For coffee lovers with high demands

Electric grinders

S-Automatik 64
ECM S-Automatik 64
Perfectly shaped and thoughtfully designed

Electric grinders

C-Manuale 54
ECM C-Manuale 54
Stylish for the full taste

Electric grinders

Tamper plan
ECM Tamper plan
For powerful tamping

Leveler Tamper flat
ECM Leveler Tamper flat
Channeling adé - the Leveler as the way to perfect extraction

Brew drawer small polished stainless steel
ECM Brew drawer small polished stainless steel
Design and function

Suds drawers

Brew drawer polished stainless steel
ECM Brew drawer polished stainless steel
Design & Function

Suds drawers