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AeroPress coffee is characterized by an intense, full-bodied flavor with little to no bitterness. You vary this in a variety of ways by choosing the coffee, the grind, and the brewing time. High-quality coffee beans with a balanced body are important. The ideal grind is medium-fine, slightly below filter coffee - if you choose too fine, the coffee could become bitter due to over-extraction. Below we present two variants for preparing coffee with the AeroPress - explained step by step.


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Weigh the coffee beans. We recommend 16 g per 200 ml. Depending on personal taste, the amount of coffee can be adjusted.

Grind the coffee beans. We recommend grinding the coffee beans medium fine.

Insert a micro paper filter into the filter holder and wash it under hot water.

Put the press plunger and brewing cylinder together.

Place the funnel in the brewing cylinder. This serves to be able to fill the coffee easily.

Put the pre-portioned coffee into the cylinder.

Boil 220 ml of water. This should already have cooled down to 80 to 95 °C after boiling. Fill the brewing cylinder three-quarters full with hot water by pouring it in a circle.

Stir evenly and then let the coffee brew for about 30 to 60 seconds.

Fill the brewing cylinder completely with water. Stir again and allow the coffee to brew. The extraction time is approx. 1 - 1.5 minutes.

Screw the filter attachment tight with the filter paper inserted.

Place a cup on the filter holder of the cylinder. Hold the cup and the Aeropress firmly and rotate both 180 °C.

Now press the plunger down slowly and carefully.

Put down the AeroPress and enjoy the aromatic coffee.


Alps Coffee
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Since its invention by American Alan Adler in 2005, the AeroPress has captured the hearts of coffee lovers worldwide. The lightweight, durable device provides an energy-saving, environmentally friendly way to brew coffee. It's always at hand, ideal in the office and when traveling, and delivers great-tasting AeroPress coffee. The simply designed AeroPress consists of three elements: the press plunger, the brewing cylinder and the filter holder. It may resemble the French Press at first glance, but differs from it in the fact that the strainer with the coffee cake does not remain in the beverage, as the finished coffee runs into a separate vessel. The AeroPress differs from a conventional filter method in that the ground coffee mixes with the water. Preparing coffee with the AeroPress is simple and gives enthusiasts plenty of room to experiment. Because of the low pressure, AeroPress coffee is not espresso in the strictest sense. However, the AeroPress is an excellent on-the-go alternative and delivers results that are very close to the Italian original.


  • Freshly ground coffee is known to taste best. A small hand grinder offers the optimal complement for your AeroPress and is just as environmentally friendly.
  • Never fill the water boiling, otherwise the coffee will burn.
  • Metal filters are an interesting alternative to paper filters. They can be used permanently and prevent ingredients from sticking. Models with 5 to 25 adjustable levels allow a wide variety of flavor variations.