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With latte art, you can decorate the milk foam of a wide variety of mixed coffee drinks. You have the choice between different motifs. This latte art tutorial is suitable for beginners who want to make a latte art heart or leaf for the first time. Both motifs represent a popular latte art motif that beginners can do without difficulty. If possible, the milk foam for the leaf decoration should be even more fine-pored than for the latte art heart. And this is how it works:


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Fine-pored and stable milk foam, together with the crema of a good espresso of the same nature, is the most important prerequisite for Café Latte Art. The first step is to brew suitable coffee beans so that a firm crema is created. Then you make so-called micro-milk foam, which has little volume and is semi-liquid and slightly creamy. To achieve this fine-pored consistency, hold the foam lance at a small angle just below the surface of the milk. It is best to use a stainless steel jug for frothing the milk. Before adding the foam to the coffee, swirl the milk container gently to dissolve any large air bubbles.
For a latte art heart, carefully pour the first drop of milk foam onto the center of the espresso. Continue the pouring process until a circular milk spot forms on the coffee. As you do so, keep moving the milk jug toward the edge of the cup.
Pour in the milk. Hold the milk jug at a 90-degree angle to the edge of the cup.
Make slight movements from right to left with the wrist.
Wait a few moments so that the milk foam can settle and stabilize. Now pull the milk jet vertically from top to bottom through the center of the milk surface so that the shape of a heart is created.

The latte art heart is already conjured up in the milk foam! Enjoy your cappuccino.

Hold the jug diagonally above the cup with the espresso and move it back and forth in a zigzag pattern; the lines should become progressively narrower. This creates a milk stain that tapers from the bottom to the top. Finally, as with the latte heart, pull the milk stream through the center of the milk blob - and your first latte leaf is ready!


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Barista latte art has a great tradition in Italy. Baristi develop great ambition to serve their guests cappuccino and other coffee specialties with milk with artistic latte art decorations. Year after year, competitions are held throughout the country where the best latte art specialists compete against each other. These include the "Milano Latte Art Challenge," which is held in nine disciplines.