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Filter coffee tasting packages

The filter coffee classic in a tasting package

Coffee is not just coffee. It is the favourite drink of the Germans and some people can't get going in the morning without it. The good old filter coffee hand brew is currently experiencing its renaissance and is celebrated in hipster circles as a true cult drink. Brewed in classic filter coffee machines, it is of course also consumed in large quantities in offices. Coffee is also always a good choice as a gift idea, give away a selection of delicious filter coffees thanks to the tasting packs and give your loved ones a treat.

All filter coffee tasting packs

Large variety of filter coffee from our top roasters

Taste your way through our wide range of different varieties. Whether tasting packages in whole beans or already ground for you - we have something for every taste. Be it a product bundle of pure single origins like the Single Origins South America or a classic tasting package like the filter coffee of German roasters

Become a filter coffee expert

Discover the different filter coffees and the large selection of brands at Aromatico. Conduct a cupping test with one of the filter coffee tasting packs and find out which character of the individual filter coffees suits your taste preferences. You can find information on cupping in our Aromatico Digital Coffee School 

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Our top filter coffees
Probierpaket Our top filter coffees
Premium Selektion

1000 g / ground

(€19.90 / kg)
Tasting Package EINS + ZWEI
Aromatico Tasting Package EINS + ZWEI

500 g / whole bean

€12.74 €11.58
(€23.16 / kg)
Small World Tour Project Coffees
Probierpaket Small World Tour Project Coffees
Journey to the coffee countries

500 g / whole bean

€27.01 €22.31
(€44.62 / kg)
Single Origins World Tour
Probierpaket Single Origins World Tour
All Around the World

1000 g / whole bean

€27.20 €24.50
(€24.50 / kg)
Decaffeinated filter coffees
Probierpaket Decaffeinated filter coffees
Decaffeinated filter coffees

750 g / whole bean

€15.29 €13.76
(€18.35 / kg)
Single Origins South America
Probierpaket Single Origins South America
Rhythm in the blood

1250 g / whole bean

€36.49 €34.25
(€27.40 / kg)
Single Origins Africa
Probierpaket Single Origins Africa
Aim high

1000 g / whole bean

€30.90 €27.80
(€27.80 / kg)
Filter coffee German roasters
Probierpaket Filter coffee German roasters
German filter coffees

1000 g / whole bean

(€23.05 / kg)