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ARMONIE CAFFÈ is pure Italian coffee enjoyment. Italian coffee culture is not only about drinking an exquisite coffee with refined aromas and flavor compositions. Getting together with loved ones and enjoying coffee together also play an emphasized role.
The Italian espressos from ARMONIE CAFFÈ are varied and well-balanced in composition and can be prepared with the portafilter, the fully automatic machine and the Nespresso® capsule machine. So in a convivial round of Frahlingliebhaber:innen there is something for every taste and for every preparation method.
Armonie Caffè Produkte auf Holzplatte Armonie Caffè Produkte auf Holzplatte
Vier Hände stoßen mit Tassen an Vier Hände stoßen mit Tassen an
The ARMONIE CAFFÈ LUNGO CAFFÈ CREMA, whole bean, is a blend of 35 % Robusta and 65 % Arabica beans and convinces with a fruity, light taste and sensational crema. The aroma of ARMONIE CAFFÈ ESPRESSO, whole bean, contains fine notes of nougat and is particularly long-lasting. ARMONIE CAFFÈ ESPRESSO FORTE, whole bean, is a strong and intense espresso that surprises with a refined note of cinnamon.
ARMONIE CAFFÈ LUNGO NESPRESSO® CAPSULES, with 100 % percent Arabica beans, provide a light crema and a refined interplay of fruity and nutty notes. ARMONIE CAFFÈ ESPRESSO NESPRESSO® CAPSULES produce a fruity espresso with mild acids and fine balance. ARMONIE CAFFÈ RISTRETTO NESPRESSO® CAPSULES can be used to prepare an intense and floral espresso with a particularly long-lasting aftertaste. And for fragrant lovers who don't want to miss out on the full flavor but want to avoid caffeine, ARMONIE CAFFÈ DECAF NESPRESSO® CAPSULE are the perfect choice. A blend of 70 % Arabica and 30 % Robusta beans creates an espresso with a full, rich body and nutty, earthy flavors. The varieties of ARMONIE CAFFÈ convince as harmonious and balanced compositions. In this way, the Italian espressos from ARMONIE CAFFÈ can be discovered many times over and shared and enjoyed together with your loved ones at any time. Experience Italy in every cup of ARMONIE CAFFÈ.
Weiße Espressotassen auf Tisch Weiße Espressotassen auf Tisch

Modern and genuinely Italian.
Uniquely intense flavor.