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Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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A roastery that has risen from the heart of Italian coffee culture in Venice - that is Ponte Rialto. Ever since the Rialto Bridge was built in 1588, Venice has been regarded as the cradle of Italian coffee culture and the bridge as Europe's gateway to upscale coffee enjoyment. Ponte Rialto has made it its business to revive this Italian coffee art with its exclusive products. The handcrafted roasts are full of the attention to detail of each employee. This requires generations of experience, the highest level of craftsmanship and, above all, a great deal of passion for coffee. Ponte Rialto is run entirely under the motto "L`espresso d`Italia": A true landmark of Italian coffee culture!


From the very beginning, the roastery's vision was to create delicious espresso with a historical background that also meets global tastes. At the same time, meeting high quality standards and creating fair production conditions is an interplay that founder Sara Blum knows how to skillfully fulfill. The remarkable passion for coffee flows into every step of the work at Ponte Rialto. Every employee in the Ponte Rialto value chain, from the coffee growers to the bottling station in Venice, lives for his or her contribution to the process and the final product. Selected plantations in South and Central America, Africa, India and Southeast Asia supply Ponte Rialto with the best quality green coffees. The highest quality standards in green coffee and 100% Italian handmade, allow the roastery to stand out from many mass-produced coffees.

Eine Frau bedient eine Siebträgermaschine Eine Frau bedient eine Siebträgermaschine
Ein Café von Ponte Rialto mit Kuchen Ein Café von Ponte Rialto mit Kuchen


The exquisite beans are roasted in small batches of only 30 kg for 18-23 minutes in the traditional drum roasting process over an open fire of olive wood. The small amount of roasting allows the beans to release their aromas and oils gently and completely. Roasting over an open fire also gives them a unique spiciness that characterizes the products and makes them so exceptional in taste. In addition, due to the small roasting quantities, the coffee beans develop a uniform as well as even color and roasting pattern and do not show any breakage. The high-quality coffee beans are roasted separately, depending on their origin, and require special attention from the roasting master as well as some manual skill. After roasting, the beans are sorted again to ensure that only the best beans make it into the bag. The flawless bean appearance of the Ponte Rialto coffees never fails to impress fragrant lovers and coffee experts alike.


The exclusive product portfolio includes five different coffees or espressi. Authentic Italian espressi with a dense crema in different packaging sizes: Classico, Club, Forte, Mezzo, Orientale. The range of aromas covers both mild and strong-spicy nuances, so there is something for every taste. Do not miss this exclusive coffee pleasure and enjoy the result of traditional Italian roasting art every time anew!

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Ein Kaffee auf einem Tablett Ein Kaffee auf einem Tablett