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The Vibiemme success story began in 1976 in a small workshop in Milan. There Valente, Biancolini and Meriggi (hence the name VBM) founded the company. With technicians and mechanics, they started to develop espresso machines with the E-61 brew groups.

Their ambition was to improve thermal stability. The founders wanted to develop high-quality espresso machines for the home. At the end of the 70s, the idea became a product - as the first machine, the Domobar, was developed. With it, VBM produced the first commercial espresso machine for the home. The Domobar digital is a great introduction to this product line from VBM. With a very sleek design and high quality electronic features, it offers everything the home barista expects from a good espresso machine.

Siebträger von oben fotografiert Siebträger von oben fotografiert
Drei Siebträgermaschinen nebeneinander Drei Siebträgermaschinen nebeneinander


Vibiemme has always developed and improved. In 1985, the still rather small project became a "real" company. The new shareholder Pietro Osnato contributed his know-how and professionalized the versions of VBM. This is how the new product, the Dostronic, came about. So the first electronic version of the machines and there was a relaunch of the Domobar Super. The model Domobar Super electronic combines the technical advances of VBM in an absolute highlight of the Domobar line. The machine has a touch display, two boilers, has up to ten pressure profiles and convinces in great, customizable design.

Around the year 2000 VBM has grown and expanded to Northern Europe, Spain and Portugal. Since then, in addition to high technical quality, there has also been a great focus on design. The desire of customers to have the espresso machine match their interior design has been addressed. In 2014, Vibiemme had its 40th anniversary. New goals were set. Technically even more advanced machines that achieve a high perfomance for barista and hobby barista at home should be developed. This resulted in the new technology line with the TS system.

Display einer Siebträgermaschine Display einer Siebträgermaschine


The TS System - i.e. Thermal Stability System - is a technology in which two independent circuits provide the perfect thermal and the water of the machines is always fresh. Even if the boiler of the machines is off, the thermal stability of the machines should be high. So there are two circuits in the machines. The first is a passive circuit with distilled water. The water gets the right temperature just before it reaches the coffee. It also maintains the temperature of the machine. The second, active circuit is connected to the machines' supply system. In this way, the water always remains clean and is not affected by, for example, heating.

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Vibiemme is one of the leading manufacturers among espresso machines and portafilters. They are still very traditionally made in Italy. The products are aesthetically pleasing and of very high quality. They are highly appreciated both in the commercial sector, but just as much in the high-end household sector. VBM's leitmotif is to make coffee enjoyment easier. This is because baristas have to deal with factors such as heat, water quality, time and other aspects. The features of the machines should make it easier for the barista to prepare really good coffee.