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Milan is considered the birthplace of espresso. Today, this city is the Italian economic engine and trend-setter. On the international scene, MILAN is asserting itself as an urbanised hub for lifestyle and coffee culture. Espresso, the little black coffee and international star of Italy comes from the pen of Luigi Bezzera. With the aim of creating a high-quality, delicious coffee that can also be prepared quickly, the Milanese filed his patent for the first espresso machine "Tipo Gigante" on 19.11.1901.


This heritage of espresso culture obliges. Starting out as a greengrocer in Via Fabbri, Frederico Bonomi soon lived out his passion for coffee and in 1886 founded his roastery in the Conca del Naviglio, not far from the centre of Milan. It was here that he developed his coffee blends and roasting profiles and laid the foundation for the company's current philosophy. The values of quality, sustainability and cooperation at eye level are lived every day at Bonomi.

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Caffè Bonomi SpA | Viale delle Scienze 6 | 20082 Binasco | Italien

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Bonomi pays attention to the highest quality throughout the entire production process: from cultivation to the cup. Added to this are social responsibility, environmental protection and the commitment of each individual to the greater whole. A modern corporate image and the lived corporate culture flow into the coffee creations. The company becomes a reflection of its coffee blends. Every sip of coffee tastes of diversity and harmony.


The historic Bonomi roastery has evolved into a company full of innovations, but one that has never neglected its craftsmanship and passion for coffee. Committed to the Milanese coffee tradition, the roastery lives and works every day anew for an incomparable espresso quality.

Caffè Bonomi SpA | Viale delle Scienze 6 | 20082 Binasco | Italy

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Blu Miscela di Caffè
Bonomi Blu Miscela di Caffè
Der Klassiker von Bonomi

1000 g / whole bean

(€22.50 / kg)
Macumba Miscela Di Caffè
Bonomi Macumba Miscela Di Caffè
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1000 g / whole bean

(€18.50 / kg)
Sfogliatine 200g
Bonomi Sfogliatine 200g
Bonomi Sfogliatine Zuccerate


€3.49 €2.44