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Bedienung eines Siebträgers Bedienung eines Siebträgers
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Comandante coffee grinders provide precise and reliable grinding results for any brewing method. The grinders are designed by and for Specialty Coffee experts and connoisseurs and are made of the finest materials. The technical design of the grinder is the result of many years of research and development.

Comandante grinders are perfectly tuned in their geometry and structure to guarantee the perfect grinding performance, suitable for brewing Specialty coffees. Special tools, machines, a lot of experience and excellent craftsmanship contribute to make the grinders so high quality. The result is coffee grinders that are abrasion resistant and have high edge stability. A double ball bearing allows for easy cranking, as a result of which the grinding speed is very high, at about one bean per revolution. The high-quality stainless steel grinder is the result of a newly developed grinder geometry, which promises a precise and uniform result.

Handmühlen in verschiedenen Farben Handmühlen in verschiedenen Farben
Mahlscheibe von Comandante Mahlscheibe von Comandante

The grind of the mills can also be adjusted individually, from very fine for espressos to coarse for a filter coffee. The Comandante coffee grinders combine clean design with high performance and long life. The high-quality hand grinder is already available in various colors, patterns and materials. In addition, they are characterized by a pleasant, ergonomic handling. Not only whole beans, but for example spices and teas can also be ground.


The "Comandante Grind & Brew Cup" is a special event for fragrant lovers and coffee enthusiasts. The event is held several times a year worldwide and is very popular everywhere. A maximum of 30 participants compete against each other, whereby the beans may only be ground with the Comandante hand coffee grinder. The beverage must be ready to serve within 10 minutes, for which the competitors are given a further 8 minutes. A selected jury evaluates the respective coffee specialties and finally chooses a winner after several rounds. As a prize, the champion receives the entry fee as well as an individually manufactured and personalized Comandante hand grinder. Finally, there will be a workshop where the participants can improve their grinding and brewing skills.

Eine Handmühle von unten Eine Handmühle von unten
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