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Bedienung eines Siebträgers Bedienung eines Siebträgers
Graues Rocket Logo Graues Rocket Logo


Passion, care and attention to detail are the key words for the success of the Italian espresso machine manufacturer. The espresso machines, which are lovingly handcrafted, are impressive not only because of their innovative technology, but above all because of their appealing, contemporary and Italian design.


The premium manufactory has only existed for a few years, but it has already been able to make a name for itself in this short time and is also known outside Italy for the outstanding quality. The recipe for success of the outstanding portafilter machines is the fusion of the New Zealand developer Andrew Meo with the Milanese Daniele Berenbruch. Both combined their ideas and different philosophies of the different continents to a result, which according to many coffee lovers conjures the best espresso result in the cup. A high demand on its own quality enabled Rocket Espresso to establish itself as one of the best suppliers of espresso machines in the private sector. Not only machines for the private household, but also for the commercial sector such as the catering as well as the hotel industry belong to the hobbyhorse of Rocket Espresso Milano.

Rocket Siebträgermaschine Rocket Siebträgermaschine
Tampen von Espressomehl Tampen von Espressomehl


The interaction of the technical inner workings, the processing, the design as well as the function puts the portafilter machines in the category of a premium product. The small 15-member team of Rocket Espresso Milano manufactures its products by hand and always focuses on innovations. Only in this way can the high-quality results of the manufacture become a real eye-catcher in every kitchen.


Rocket Espresso places great emphasis on authenticity. So that customers can always be sure that they have a genuine Rocket Espresso machine, there are five to six authentication features on every product. This means that it is immediately visually recognizable that the product is an original. Examples of these features include the Rocket logo in the left pressure gauge, a Rocket serial label on the bottom of the machines, and an engraved "R symbol" on a handle.

Kaffeezubereitung an der Siebträgermaschine Kaffeezubereitung an der Siebträgermaschine