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The Eureka brand originated in Florence, the Tuscan capital, as early as 1920. Aurelio Conti was already tinkering with electrical household appliances a good century ago and has established itself to this day as a leading company for the development and manufacture of coffee grinders. At present, Eureka is managed with passion, commitment and innovation, as in the spirit of the former founder Conti.


First-class grind-on-demand coffee grinders are handcrafted from very high-quality materials that are usually used for much more expensive grinders. Eureka offers a wide range of products, with the right model for every price segment and every requirement. The spectrum ranges from grinders for beginners and advanced users at home to ambitious coffee lovers who prefer more professional models. Anyone who wants to enjoy a really good espresso should not rush when choosing a coffee grinder. Above all, the taste experience of an espresso is influenced by the homogeneity of the ground coffee, while filter coffee does not react quite as sensitively to differences in the ground coffee.

Eureka Mühle in weiß Eureka Mühle in weiß
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To celebrate 100 years of Eureka at that time, the premium line ORO was launched. Coffee fans thus have a new generation of coffee grinders at their disposal, equipped with the latest technologies. The grinders inspire by a high performance with unique grinding quality and reduced grinding noise. The Iot Connectivity system ensures full access to the settings of the coffee grinders via app, so you can be in contact with your grinder at any time, regardless of location. The coffee grinders of the ORO line inspire every coffee lover!


The robust coffee grinders from Eureka are available in different variants and convince due to the simple operation and simple cleaning. The grinders are equipped with an infinitely adjustable disc mill, so that the grind can be set and adjusted very finely. The disc grinders with approx. 1400 revolutions per minute result in an excellent grinding quality. Innovative technology with a timer function and a height-adjustable shelf for the portafilter are part of the basic equipment of most mills from Eureka. The shelf for the portafilter is of course compatible for all sizes and variants. The models are amazingly quiet, easy to clean and robust. The design impresses with its compact, elegant as well as space-saving appearance.

Eureka Mühle Eureka Mühle