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Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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Preserving the familiar and creating the new. Aromatico coffees and espressos create unique taste experiences and revive Italian coffee culture in a special way. Fragrant lovers and those who would like to be, discover the great universe of the small coffee bean with the coffee compositions of Aromatico.


Italy is the cradle of espresso and the symbol of espresso culture. Aromatico has made it its business to carry on and revive the Italian coffee culture for frahling lovers and those who want to become one. Whether it's the first coffee in the morning, a social or leisurely coffee drink in between meals, or an espresso after dinner - coffee creates special moments of pleasure. A small espresso or espresso-based coffee specialties such as a cappuccino are more than just a drink. They convey enjoyment and an Italian attitude to life. With the coffees and espressos from Aromatico, the right preparation method and suitable accessories, you can become a barista yourself in no time at all.

Aromatico Eins und Zwei Aromatico Eins und Zwei
Milch wird in einem Kaffee gegossen Milch wird in einem Kaffee gegossen


The craft of traditional Italian roasting is a high art. Each roastery has its own roasting secret and preserves this property for generations. For the realization of new coffee creations, Aromatico has placed this refinement step in the trusting hands of selected German roasters. The result of the own AROMATICO COMPOSITIONS includes everything a frahling lover heart desires. The AROMATICO SELEZIONE product line, created side by side with selected roasters, completes the product portfolio with exclusive espressos. High-quality green coffees and careful roasting make the Aromatico coffee creations an exquisite pleasure. To complete the enjoyment of our favorite coffee, Aromatico has added its own ESPRESSO, CAPPUCCINO, and MILK COFFEE cups to its range. Suitable accessories are also available, such as FRESH CLAMBERS, MILK CHEAPERS and JUTE BAGS.


The company Aromatico was founded in Mainburg in 2006 and moved to the coffee city of Bremen in the summer of 2016. Since then, new ideas with Italian-influenced roasters have been created in Bremen's Überseestadt. In search of new taste experiences, we create - exclusively for the Aromatico range - unique coffee compositions with the highest quality standards in a long-term collaboration. Each creation is accompanied step by step and developed with attention to detail. The finest selection of high-quality green coffees, a traditional, single-variety roasting process and the blending of special blends give rise to Aromatico's creations - expertise that can be tasted in the cup.

Aromatico Kaffees liegen in einem Kreis Aromatico Kaffees liegen in einem Kreis


Out of love for coffee and in passionate teamwork, we have combined our expertise. The result is world-class roasts. The fine AROMATICO ONE and AROMATICO TWO filter coffees:

  • AROMATICO EINS – a decaffeinated filter coffee with a perfectly balanced composition and fine fruity notes.
  • AROMATICO ZWEI – a single-origin filter coffee with an exceptional fruity note and great balance.
The excellent blends 3 Stelle and 5 Stelle:

  • AROMATICO 3 STELLE – a full-bodied espresso based on an original Neapolitan recipe.
  • AROMATICO 5 STELLE – a gourmet blend of select Grand Cru Arabica beans with a touch of Robusta.
  • AROMATICO 5 STELLE DECAFFEINATO – a harmonious, decaffeinated espresso composition with plenty of body.

As well as AROMATICO MISCELA ORO, created together with the Italian roaster Schreyögg from Merano:

  • AROMATICO MISCELA ORO – a balanced espresso composition with hints of cinnamon and berries.


Three exquisite coffee creations have also been created in close collaboration with the roasters Schreyögg from Merano, La Brasiliana from Ferrara and Badilatti from the Engadine. The exclusive AROMATICO SELEZIONE compositions:

  • SCHREYÖGG AROMATICO SELEZIONE – a harmonious espresso blend with fine, fruity notes.
  • LA BRASILIANA AROMATICO SELEZIONE SQUISITO – a classic espresso blend with a velvety body.
  • BADILATTI AROMATICO PASSIONE – an aromatic, full-bodied espresso.

Chocolaty spicy aroma
with a medium to dark brown crema.

A triad of chocolate, caramel and nut
and a long-lasting crema.