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Mann putzt einen Siebträger mit einem Pinsel über der Sudschublade Mann putzt einen Siebträger mit einem Pinsel über der Sudschublade


A rarely considered but extremely important factor in the preparation of espressos or other delicious coffee drinks is the water, which is the largest component of a cup of our beloved coffee. For this reason, fragrant lovers should pay attention not only to coffee beans of the highest quality, but also to filtered and clear water in order to obtain an excellent coffee taste without unpleasant odors.



The quality of the water determines the result in the cup. In every region there are different water hardnesses and these influence the taste of the coffee. Tap water often contains traces of lime, chlorine, germs and other odor- and taste-disturbing impurities. To improve the quality of water, we recommend the use of water filters. The device aims to remove particles such as turbidity or undesirable substances dissolved in the water and subsequently reduce their concentration. In this way, filters help to descale your automatic coffee machine.


In order to determine the water hardness at your home, we at Concept-Art have a water hardness testing kit for you in the Aromatico Online Shop. Testing the water at home is done in just a few steps and helps you to optimally adjust the coffee machine to the water hardness - because this is the only way to guarantee maximum coffee enjoyment! Depending on the lime content or hardness of the water, we recommend that you use a water filter for your portafilter machine.  The Sage Claris water filter filters the water of your Sage coffee machine, so you can easily prepare the best coffee enjoyment at home, even if the water quality and hardness in your place of residence is not optimal.  To have fresh water at all times, the filter should be replaced after about three months.

The Brita water filter for coffee machines, on the other hand, can be used in almost any coffee machine and any fully automatic machine. See for yourself that the duo "water filter espresso machine" will increase your espresso enjoyment immeasurably!


Cleaning the water necessary for making coffee is child's play, as long as you have the right utensils. Before using the water filter, you should hold it under running water. Rinse the filter once so that it becomes slightly full of water. Then, place the filter in a large container with about 1 liter of water so that it can completely fill up with water. This procedure ensures that the granules of the water filter are soaked with water. The filter can then be connected to the silicone hose of the machine's water tank. Water must still be taken out via the brew group at the end, depending on the machine. The espresso machine is now ready for use. The filter should be changed according to the indication or according to the manufacturer's information. In addition, a water filter reduces limescale deposits in the machine. The filtering process can thus refine the taste, aromas as well as the appearance of the coffee. In addition, the use of water filters has a positive effect on the longevity of your coffee machine. Are you looking for a coffee maker water filter? Browse through our range of water filters and improve your home coffee preparation for unique coffee moments.