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With the founding of Rösttrommel in 2010, a dream came true for Michael Heyder and Stefan Schwarz. It all started back then with a mobile coffee bar and a small roastery in Nuremberg. The goal is to be able to offer high-quality coffee to as many people as possible - every day. In the meantime, the company can proudly look back on two roasting locations and two further cafés in its home region, where all coffee lovers can enjoy the different varieties and then take them home.


The roastery's recipe for success: high quality coffee beans from microlots, i.e. seasonal small harvests. The coffee is sourced directly from small farms with small production quantities from the best growing areas in Africa, Central and South America and India. The Rösttrommel roasters and baristas are always on the lookout for new interesting coffees and hidden treasures that are often only found on small farms.
Furthermore, due to the small quantities of coffee, the Rösttrommel assortment changes every season. Watch out: Sometimes the coffees sell out quickly. You can't buy exactly the same blend all the time, but you'll experience great variety and exquisite enjoyment - so there's definitely variety in between!

Ein Mann begutachtet gerösteten Kaffee Ein Mann begutachtet gerösteten Kaffee
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Rösttrommel offers you a wide range of high-quality coffees and espressos - there's guaranteed to be the right one for everyone! Taste-wise, you get everything from delicate, nutty nuances to dark, chocolaty notes to sweet, fruity notes of berries and citrus. There are also decaffeinated variants, which are decaffeinated by the Caffein Compagnie in Bremen. Roasting is always done from Monday to Friday, so your coffee is always fresh. In addition, regular tastings ensure the high quality of the roasts.


Sustainability is a top priority at Rösttrommel. This involves both the environment and the company's social responsibility towards its partners and the community. Green coffee purchasing is already 85% transparent and long-term relationships are built with importers and farmers.
In 2017, Rösttrommel Kaffeerösterei was named "Roaster of the Year" by Crema Magazine. In addition, Johannes Otto, winner of the German Latte Art Championships 2020, is part of the roastery's coffee team. So much professional knowledge should of course be passed on gladly, which is why you will be taken directly by the hand of the professionals in the coffee school of Rösttrommel in Nuremberg and can learn various barista skills in exciting training courses.

Kaffee wird geröstet Kaffee wird geröstet