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Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
Pellini Logo Pellini Logo


At Pellini, espresso is not only made, but understood. For this purpose, the taste, the appearance, the optimal preparation as well as the impression are recorded in detail and constantly developed further. The Italians are considered the inventors of espresso. So Pellini has made it its business to perfect the espresso and to produce an excellent Italian delicacy. On 12/23/2020, Pellini was awarded the highest possible rating of AA+ by the BRC (Brand Reputation through Compliance) for their global food product safety standards.


The Pellini Caffè S.p.A. roasting plant in Bussolengo, near Verona, has been in existence since 1922. From the very beginning, Pelini has been working towards the goal of making coffee enjoyment even more sophisticated and refined. Pellini always pays attention to the perfect and, above all, consistent quality.
The high-quality green coffees of the Pellini blends are selected on site in the country of origin. From the quality of each bean emerges the overall excellence of the espresso coffee. At Pellini, the coffee beans are roasted single-origin and only after a resting period of three days is the blend composed. The finest beans in whole or ground form then unfold their wonderful aromas in the cup. Over the years, Pellini has established itself as an important part of the Italian market. Contrary to trends in the Italian market, the roastery's growth is increasing. This is due, among other things, to the new noble packaging design, which positions the brand even better and makes it stand out. Each espresso combines in itself the history, tradition and competence of Pellini.

Zwei Personen unterhalten sich und trinken Kaffee Zwei Personen unterhalten sich und trinken Kaffee
Pelllini Rösterei Gebäude Pelllini Rösterei Gebäude


The Pellini family works out of dedication for the roasting of an excellent Italian coffee. A passionate, goal-oriented approach produces balanced aromas and the perfect taste. A quest for perfection and transparency towards consumers is always in the mind of the traditional roastery. The coffee should not just be gulped down, but enchant you when tasting it. Every coffee from Pellini makes your break a unique experience.


Authenticity and passion, that's how the noble Pellini blends are created. Originated and made famous in Italy, the roastery has now been able to make a name for itself beyond the country's borders. One of the flagships of the roastery is the wonderful Pellini TOP 100% Arabica espresso in whole beans, ground or in Nespresso capsules. Just like the Pellini Vivace No. 82, the Pellini Cremoso enjoys great popularity. A coffee assortment that turns the enjoyment of an espresso into a ritual. We have already invented the slogan for it: Black, noble and very tasty.

Ein Barista bei einer Kaffeemühle Ein Barista bei einer Kaffeemühle

Mild espresso with
low acidity and light crema.
Best drunk neat.

Strong and lively taste
with fine smoky notes.
For fine coffee specialties.