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Caffè Motta

Espresso Pads 15 pieces


Hazelnut cream

hazelnut / wood
E.S.E.-Pad Machine

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MHD: 28.02.2026 Product no.: 105668
  • Arabica and Robusta coffee beans
  • Brazil, East Africa and Southeast Asia
  • Roasted hazelnut and wood
  • Compostable

Practical pads

Caffè Motta's espresso pods are a perfect blend of body and aroma and offer an incomparable coffee experience. This roasted coffee is characterized by a pleasant bitterness, an even body and notes of roasted hazelnuts and fine woods. The practical pads guarantee easy preparation and allow you to enjoy the espresso at any time with a short preparation time. The Espresso Classico in pods is a must for true coffee lovers who value quality and taste.

Thick crema, fine texture

The sweet and slightly sour Arabica beans come from altitudes between 1100 and 1400 meters above sea level and give the coffee a special flavor. At the same time, the intensity of the Robusta beans ensures a strong taste that inspires every coffee lover. The crema of this medium-dark roasted blend has a fine texture. However, it is still thick and persistent and captivates with its hazelnut colour.

Suitable for E.S.E. pad machines

Note: The pads are manufactured according to E.S.E. Standard and fit into corresponding E.S.E. Pad machines and espresso machines with portafilter and corresponding E.S.E. pad insert. However, they are not suitable for Senseo® machines.

Blend & Suitability
Filter coffee
Milk coffee
Caffè crema
Aromatico Taste profile
Roasting degree
Fruit note
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