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Coffee Circle

Grano Gayo Bio

whole bean / 250 g

Inspired by Italian espresso

nut / brown sugar
Italian coffee pot / fully automatic coffee machines / portafilter machine


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  • Dark roast inspired by Italian espresso
  • Blend of 100 % organic Arabica coffee beans from four origins
  • Intense roasted aromas and taste of brown sugar
  • Low in acid thanks to dark roasting

The Dark One from Coffee Circle

For the Grano Gayo Bio, Coffee Circle was inspired by classic Italian espresso roasts. This means that the coffee beans remain in the drum roaster for a particularly long time and are roasted particularly darkly. As a result, the coffee beans contain a particularly large amount of CO2, which ensures a particularly rich crema. As a dark roast, the Grano Gayo is also particularly low in acid. Unlike most Italian roasts, only Arabica coffee beans are used to roast the Grano Gayo Bio.

Four origins

The Coffee Circle Grano Gayo Bio is a blend of four origins. This means that four different green coffees from different origins meet in the roasting drum. In this case, Coffee Circle sources the coffee beans directly from cooperatives in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Indonesia. The organically grown coffee plants belong to different subspecies of the Arabica type and each grow on slopes above an altitude of 1000 meters. The coffee beans from Sierra Nevada in Colombia make up the majority of the blend. They lay a nutty-caramel base in the taste profile. There is also a certain spice from the Mexican coffee beans from Chiapas. The Peruvian coffee beans from Yanesha, on the other hand, provide fruity-sweet nuances. For the very special fine-tuning of the taste, Indonesian coffee beans from Takengon come into play, which have been prepared using the "pulped natural" process and bring earthy notes to the mix.

Coffee Circle shows great social responsibility. In direct trade, the farmers receive a high purchase price, usually well above the Fairtrade standard. In addition, for every kilogram of coffee sold, the roastery invests €1 in social projects in growing regions in Africa and South America.

Labels and awards
Kreisrundes rotes Logo exklusiv bei Aromatico

Um die Treue des Rösters gegenüber Aromatico hervorzuheben und dabei noch transparenter zu sein, werden Artikel die nur durch Aromatico in Deutschland vertrieben werden, mit dem Siegel „Exklusiv bei Aromatico“ versehen.



non-EU agriculture

Kaffee, der das EU-Bio-Logo trägt, erfüllt alle Anforderungen der EU-BIO Verordnung.

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