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whole bean / 250 g

Delicious coffee

apricot / almond / chocolaty
Italian coffee pot / fully automatic coffee machines / Coffee filter machine


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  • 100 % Arabica beans
  • Single origin from Peru
  • Washed
  • Reminiscent of chocolate, almond and apricot

Mother Earth

For the roasting of the Mamma filter coffee, the Kaffeesack roastery obtains high-quality Arabica coffee beans from Peru. The name is based on the term Pachamama, which indigenous peoples from the Andes use for Mother Earth. The beans for the single origin coffee are grown in the village of Miguel Grau in the Chanchamayo region, not far from the capital Lima. At an altitude of around 1500 meters, around 50 farmers have joined together to form a cooperative. The Arabica varieties Caturra and Catuai grow on the nutrient-rich soil, although the coffee cherries only grow slowly thanks to the climate. The result is a particularly aromatic coffee with wonderful notes of origin. After harvesting, the raw coffee beans are processed. Between June and August, the coffee cherries are depulped, washed and finally sun-dried.

Filter coffee from the Black Forest

The Mamma is finally roasted in the Black Forest region by the coffee experts from Kaffeesack. The roast profile was developed to achieve a good balance between origin and toasted notes. In the cup, Mamma presents itself as a mild filter coffee with a chocolaty basic aroma, with notes of origin reminiscent of almonds and apricots. As a whole bean, the coffee can be flexibly prepared depending on the degree of grinding selected. Hand filter, filter coffee machine, AeroPress and French Press, or as a cold brew - everything is possible, everything is delicious. See for yourself!

Blend & Suitability
Arabica percentage
Robusta percentage
Filter coffee
Milk coffee
Caffè crema
Aromatico Taste profile
Roasting degree
Fruit note
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