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TÜRKÜ N.6 Cardamom

ground coffee / 125 g

Turkish coffee with cardamom

Italian coffee pot / hand brewed coffee


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  • Mixture of ground roast coffee and cardamom
  • For preparation in the mocha pot or Cevze or Ibrik
  • Coffee is 100 % Arabica
  • Simply pour, extract and enjoy

coffee blend with cardamom


The Türkü N.6 is the Turkish coffee of the Milanese roaster Mikah. A mixture of finely ground coffee, which contains small amounts of cardamom. Before roasting, Mikah blends 100 % Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala to create a unique blend. Extra finely ground and blended with cardamom, Türkü N.6 is perfect for preparing Turkish coffee in the traditional mocha pot, which is also known as Cezve or Ibrik. For typical Western filter coffee or espresso, however, this coffee is not suitable.


How to prepare it

Turkish coffee is made in the mocha pot known as ibrik in Arabic and cezve in Turkish. The finely ground coffee is mixed with hot water in the copper pot with Sti(e)l, whereby the coffee grounds are not separated from the drink after extraction, unlike with other methods of preparation. Instead, the remaining powder settles at the bottom of the cup. A standard recommended ratio of 1 gram of coffee to 10 grams of water. Since the drink ends up being quite strong and highly concentrated, it is advisable to use small cups of around 50 to 60 ml per cup. The basic recipe for two cups is therefore approx. 11 grams of coffee powder in 110 ml of water. Already refined with cardamom, this results in an intense drink with a great oriental flavor, which can usually be sweetened with sugar.

Ingredients: Cardamom (13%), 1 kg: 130 g

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