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Nord Coast Coffee Roastery

Kenia Berco

whole bean / 250 g

Tasty filter coffee

drupe / berries
hand brewed coffee / French-Press / Coffee filter machine


(€47.60* / 1 kg) 33 ct. per cup VAT incl. plus shipping

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MHD: 31.01.2025 Product no.: 105680
  • 100 % Arabica beans
  • Beans from Kenya
  • Juicy, notes of dark berries and stone fruits

Special Notes

The Kenia Berco from Nord Coast Coffee Roastery consists of 100 % Arabica coffee beans and has been lightly roasted. With notes of dark berries and stone fruits, every cup of Kenia Berco is a treat for all the senses. The cultivation of the exclusive variety and the careful care of the trees result in an exceptionally aromatic and full-bodied filter coffee with an incomparable taste experience.

Kenia Berco - The coffee from the hotspot of central Kenya

Kenia Berco is a unique coffee from the hotspot of central Kenya. What makes this coffee special is the exclusive SL-28/34 variety that is grown there. The trees are up to 70 years old and therefore bear a particularly large number of cherries. Compared to other farmers in western Kenya who typically harvest between 2.5 to 5 kilos per tree, farmers of this variety can harvest up to 40 kilos per tree.

Blend & Suitability
Arabica percentage
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Filter coffee
Milk coffee
Caffè crema
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