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Fruity Italian espressos

whole bean / 4000 g

Fruity espressos set

Italian coffee pot / fully automatic coffee machines / portafilter machine


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  • 4 x fruity espressos
  • Bendinelli – 100 % Arabica Gourmet 1000 g beans
  • Essse Caffè - Selection Arabica 1000 g beans
  • Circi - Miscela Gran Caffè 1000 g beans
  • Aromatico - 5 digit 1000 g beans

Bendinelli 100 % Arabica Gourmet – Fruity and floral

Bendinelli 100 % Arabica Gourmet offers you a selection of the best Arabica coffee varieties for an incomparable fruity and floral aroma. This prestigious blend from the roastery includes six different varieties that have been carefully selected. Awarded the 3-star-seal on the “Superior Taste Award”, this espresso guarantees you the highest quality and enjoyment. Treat yourself to the luxury of Bendinelli 100 % Arabica Gourmet and immerse yourself in the world of first-class coffee experiences.

Essse Caffè Selezione Arabica - floral, fruity, almond and chocolate

Essse Caffè Selezione Arabica offers you an incomparably floral and fruity aroma with 100 % Arabica beans. Accompanied by subtle notes of almond and chocolate, you will experience a truly enjoyable moment with this espresso. Perfect for coffee lovers looking for an espresso with little caffeine, Essse Caffè Selezione Arabica promises a smooth yet intense taste experience. Enjoy the luxury of this exquisite coffee blend at any time.

Circi Miscela Gran Caffè - fruity, nut and lemon

With Circi Miscela Gran Caffè you get a harmonious blend of Arabica and Robusta beans that offers you an unmistakable taste experience. Enjoy the tempting notes of hazelnut and fruit. This coffee leaves a lingering lemony aftertaste. Regardless of whether you use a portafilter machine, moka pot or a fully automatic coffee machine, with the 1000 g beans from Circi Miscela Gran Caffè you can experience coffee enjoyment in its purest form.

Aromatico 5 Stelle - fruity, nutty, chocolatey and spicy

Aromatico 5 Stelle presents itself as a masterful blend of 90 % Arabica and 10 % Robusta beans, carefully grown in Brazil, Colombia and Uganda. The additional Robusta beans come from India, which creates a wonderful crema. Enjoy the fruity, nutty, chocolaty and spicy notes of this fine coffee, which is perfected by its dark roast.

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