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Bedienung eines Siebträgers Bedienung eines Siebträgers
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Concept-art is one of the pioneers in the market segment of espresso and coffee tools. Jörg F. Rexroth's company is a manufacturer of tampers, beaters, milk jugs and much more. Coffee shops, roasting houses, but also private customers have been part of the company's target group for years and enjoy the high-quality espresso and coffee accessories. If you are looking for original design and high quality coffee equipment, you will find it with the brand concept-art!


The founder of concept-art, Jörg F. Rexroth, is also the founder of Joe Frex, his second brand in the field of coffee accessories. Very early on, he built and developed furnishings as well as decorative objects. In painstaking but passionate manual labor, he initially provided his friends and family with unusual utilitarian objects. His talent for craftsmanship in combination with original design ideas and special creations were already laid in his cradle. Due to the high demand, Jörg Rexroth recognized early on what was to become his field of expertise and specialized in the production of high-quality as well as beautifully designed coffee and espresso accessories. What once began as a passionate hobby, became over time a large assortment consisting of high quality materials. The product range continues to grow and with the brand concept-art, the founder primarily serves unique customer wishes, which are not to be found everywhere.

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For example, the company sells a latte art set that can be used to conjure up the most beautiful images on coffee specialties. Today, Jörg F. Rexroth's product range includes tampers, tamping stations, brew drawers and many other utensils that are very popular with fragrant lovers. Since the concept-art brand, which is bursting with design originality and quality, was founded in 2006, it has become a household name in the world of espresso fans. Thanks to its innovative spirit and its reliability, it is able to guarantee an efficient service and a high level of customer satisfaction. This is one of the most important goals that the concept-art brand has pursued in its career. The employees of concept-art and Joe Frex are always enthusiastic and passionate about the success of the company.