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When Mrs. Maria Düring-Keller started to become active herself in the post-war period and developed a descaling agent, nobody would have expected to become market leader one day. In 1951, the grandmother of today's three company owners tinkered with a cleaning agent that removed lime more efficiently and thoroughly than the products that had been on the market up to that time.


To spread the word about her developed descaler and convince people of its thoroughness, Ms. Düring-Keller cleaned the bathrooms of potential customers herself on her advertising tour for demonstration purposes. The product spoke for itself and in no time at all a company sprang up from the ground. Today, the Swiss family-owned company Durgol is one of the leaders in the field of descaling agents and is available in more than 40 countries. The Swiss quality of Durgol pays off, because hardly any other product frees household appliances from limescale so reliably, thoroughly and innovatively. Durgol's product range includes cleaning agents that offer additional benefits besides descaling. Even today, the company is still doing pioneering work and develops and produces its products exclusively in Switzerland. Durgol is considered a market leader and pioneer not only because of its leading position in terms of quality, but also because of the continuous review and further development of its products.

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Without much effort and still very efficient, environmentally friendly and gentle on materials, the products perform their service. Speed plays a major role, because compared to conventional household remedies such as vinegar or citric acid, for example, the descalers clean five to ten times faster. In addition to the usual product range, Durgol has also developed a biological series that cleans in a particularly environmentally friendly way. The undoubtedly convincing range received a "very good" in the quality verdict for the Durgol Swiss Espresso product (source: liquid descaler test of the magazine "Haus und Garten" issue 1/2015). The result of the verdict was excellent cleaning, no residues formed, and gentle cleaning that also works odorlessly.