Eine Hand bedient eine Siebträgermaschine Eine Hand bedient eine Siebträgermaschine
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The Graef family business celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020.
In addition, the company stands for
100 % innovation
 100 % coffee expertise
100 % quality
100 % sustainability
an 100 % family business.


The company was founded in Arnsberg in 1920. The family business is now run by the fourth generation. Not only the highest quality "Made in Germany" distinguishes the quality company Graef. Great importance is also attached to responsible and sustainable business practices. The Graef brand not only produces practical kitchen gadgets, but also stands above all for barista coffee accessories of the highest quality. In addition to filter coffee, espresso and portafilter machines, the company is also known for high-quality coffee grinders.
Rote Siebträgermaschine mit zwei Espressotassen und Milchkännchen Rote Siebträgermaschine mit zwei Espressotassen und Milchkännchen
Siebträgermaschinen von Graef Siebträgermaschinen von Graef

Graef has already been named Brand of the Century several times and won the "Best Brand of the Year 2020" award.

The constant success, so that Graef is still so ambitious after 100 years, is mainly due to two skills: the courage to continuously reinvent itself and the consistency to remain true to itself and always maintain the highest standards of product quality.


Graef is one of the strongest brands in Germany, which is especially evident thanks to the numerous awards they have been able to bag. In 2004, 2009, 2012, 2016, as well as 2019, the family-owned company was named "Brand of the Century".
In addition, Graef is the market leader in some areas of household appliances.
In various worlds of enjoyment, such as the Coffee Kitchen, Graef presents high-quality machines.
Die Pivalla, Salita, oder die Contessa verbinden einen modernen Look mit bester Technik – ob für den Einsteiger oder den ambitionierten Home Barista.
Kaffeespezialitäten mit Latte Art Kaffeespezialitäten mit Latte Art