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There is no such thing as a standstill at Kaffee Braun. Instead, employees are constantly on the lookout for the best coffee-growing regions. In addition to new business relationships that are formed, trends and innovations are tracked down. Around the globe, Kaffee Braun is networked and maintains close relationships with their business partners and coffee farmers. This allows them to continuously monitor their excellent quality and guarantee the taste of their blends.


In addition to roasting coffee for bulk consumers, Kaffee Braun continues to roast smaller quantities of 1-12 kg by hand. Roasting by hand in a drum roaster is more time-consuming, but the work clearly pays off in the resulting blends. With plant roasting, larger quantities of green coffee can be processed during the intensive long-term roasting process and enjoyable, low-acid aromas are created. In both types of coffee roasting, however, the quality and the passion of the employees are always in the foreground.

Eine Frau befüllt eine Packung Kaffee Eine Frau befüllt eine Packung Kaffee
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The coffee Braun Unplugged Bio is particularly balanced and melts on the tongue with flowery fruity nuances. The coffee Braun Ecuador Vilcabama, on the other hand, surprises with a subtle citrus note and a soft aftertaste. Those who love an outstanding crema should taste the 100% Robusta coffee Braun Barista Bio.


Enriching customers with delicious coffee requires intensive work and careful relationship management with coffee farmers. An important point here is, among other things, pre-financing as security for the farmers. This both improves living conditions and increases the quality of work. The goal is to ensure a transparent value chain from coffee cultivation to the consumer's cup. Making the entire process as fair as possible is the main motto here. One of Kaffee Braun's main goals is to show which cooperative the coffee comes from and where it was picked by hand.

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Eine Frau verschließt eine Packung Kaffee Eine Frau verschließt eine Packung Kaffee