Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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Kalles Coffee Roasters is a small, young roastery from Bremen. In 2019, Marc Dziondziak fulfilled his dream of owning his own roastery.


Starting in a small garden hut and with a passion for exclusive coffee, the roastery was founded. Previously, Marc Dziondziak was successfully working in the fashion industry and then decided to dare the project of his own roastery. After a short time, Kalle Coffee Roasters moved to a larger hall and now roasts a larger number of specialty coffees from small farmers. In addition to the roastery, Marc Dziondziak has also opened a coffee shop in the Bremen district. There he maintains personal customer contact and offers his coffee.
Kaffeebohnen in einer Schüppe Kaffeebohnen in einer Schüppe
Maschine für die Kaffeproduktion Maschine für die Kaffeproduktion


Dziondziak attaches great importance to supporting local farmers and maintains close partnerships. The specialty coffees come from small farmers and are cultivated in a fruit-friendly way. The unmistakable taste is created by paying close attention to various cultivation parameters such as altitude, soil quality and the natural preparation of the beans. Marc Dziondziak emphasizes "The farmer makes the coffee I roast what it is and that has to be honored." With the selection of coffees, he not only wants to roast the best coffee, but also to support the farmer by paying him a fair wage in the country of cultivation.


Kalle Coffee Roasters' NO II ESPRESSO, the roastery's second blend, is an explosion of flavor with premium beans from Brazil. Notes of dark chocolate are beautifully underlined by the taste of almonds and honey. On the Finca LA CHRISTALINA in Colombia, the eponymous Single Origin is grown. The aroma is particularly fruity with notes of cherry and cranberry. The sweetness of caramel rounds off the taste harmoniously. The beans for VIZCAYA are sourced from Guatemala. The roast master processes the beans into a harmonious single origin. Notes of red fruits, hazelnuts, caramel and chocolate result in an exciting taste that convinces all along the line and makes you want another cup. In addition to the basic range, there is always a Limited Production, which is only produced in small numbers and always changes.
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