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Bedienung eines Siebträgers Bedienung eines Siebträgers
La Marzocco La Marzocco


La Marzocco remains to this day an artisan company for the production of unique high-end portafilter machines for home and commercial use. La Marzocco was founded in 1927 by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi with origins in Florence. Uniqueness, durability and reliability are the benchmarks of La Marzocco's handcrafted products. The high-quality espresso machines make every barista heart beat faster at home.


With its origins in Florence, La Marzocco was founded in 1927 by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi. In 1939, the first espresso machine with horizontal boiler was presented, which today has become our industrial standard. Since then, the company is known all over the world for its high-end portafilter machines and coffee grinders. La Marzocco, for presenting high quality, detailed and handmade espresso machines, enjoys a high reputation worldwide. After the significant innovation in 1939, the now famous double boiler and saturated brew group system followed shortly after. The term saturated brew group has been coined by La Marzocco since the 1970s. The quality and reliability characterizes La Marzocco from your beginning until today. Today the company is, still, an artisan company with experience values of over 85 years.


The passion and values of the company combine to develop innovative high-end espresso machines. The machines are used both in the catering sector and in the private home. Particularly well known here are the devices of the Linea series. You can now find the Linea Mini in the Aromatico online store, which is particularly ideal for use at home. For enthusiasts, it is a dream and makes every espresso and barista heart beat a little faster. Consisting largely of stainless steel, it presents a timeless design. With constant temperature and a stable pressure, it leaves no compromises in terms of reliability.

In addition to the first-class espresso machines, La Marzocco inspires your customers with high-quality coffee grinders. The Swift Mini grinder is suitable as an excellent grinder for the professional at home. In addition, La Marzocco offers excellent equipment to the espresso machines and grinders from your range.


The specialists of La Marzocco still manufacture the machines by hand. The factors of reliability and quality have characterized the production since the beginning. Each phase of each machine is monitored and controlled. This testifies to the highest standards in design and uncompromising. The attention to detail is evident in every La Marzocco machine. In addition to creating great products, La Marzocco promotes pleasant working environments always with the thought of consideration for our planet.

La Marzocco Deutschland GmbH | Maulbronnerweg 25 | 71706 Markgröningen | Germany