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The young company Rhinowares stands for robust accessories and equipment around the world of coffee. Even though Rhinowares is not yet one of the big names in Germany and is not yet very well known, the team can already look back on years of experience in serving the industry. The recipe for success of the rising company with a rhinoceros in its logo, is its close ties to the coffee community. Rhinowares' products are developed and manufactured in-house, so they are able to respond to the exact wishes and needs of their customers. Employees are immersed in the world of coffee and learn about the ever-changing goals and challenges of the industry. In this way, changes on the world market and trends are tracked down and incorporated into the product range.


Driven by their commitment to quality and innovation, the Rhinowares team works on their product range, listening to their customers' feedback on the products. Customer service and communication is a priority at Rhinowares, because they want to exceed their customers' expectations. Accordingly, they want to take ideas and thoughts about their product range and put them into practice. The team is interested in long-lasting and sustainable relationships with business partners based on honesty and integrity. This promotes not only their own success, but also the growth of their partners.


Rhinowares develops practical as well as robust coffee tools without a lot of frills. Working closely with coffee professionals, their products are always innovative and designed to meet the needs of their customers. The product portfolio includes classic milk jugs in a variety of colors paired with special handles, cold-drip systems, hand grinders and bean scoops. The more unusual products include, for example, a tap for hot drinks or a measuring device with which the roasting color of the beans can be analyzed.