Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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The family-run traditional coffee roastery is located in Unterhaching, south of Munich. In 2005, the specialty coffee roaster Supremo was founded and since then has stood for quality and skill. The selection of the best green coffees and the cooperation with selected small farmers form the basis for the premium coffees of the house. The Supremo team is regularly on the road in the coffee countries in search of specialties to offer to customers. When the green coffees arrive at Supremo Coffee Roasters, something special and unique awaits them: The coffee humidor. The green coffee humidor provides the perfect climate for the green coffee.


The credo of the house is first-class craftsmanship. True to the motto "Good things come to those who wait", the Supremo roasting plant is dedicated to slow, single-variety roasting in cast-iron roasting drums until each coffee is roasted according to its specific needs. In this way, the aromatic magic from within the beans unfolds and the best roasting profile is developed for each coffee. In this way, the small batches produce a precise result for later enjoyment in the cup. After roasting, the beans are quenched with air to intensify the roasted aroma.

Drei Personen stehen vor geröstetem Kaffee Drei Personen stehen vor geröstetem Kaffee
Ein Kaffee in einer Tasse Ein Kaffee in einer Tasse


Each batch of coffee is individually tested in our in-house coffee laboratory. In addition, the favored coffee beans are subjected to extensive cupping. Once a week, there is also a public cupping. Every Tuesday of the month, a selection of single-varietal coffees is tasted for the next month.

As part of the "Cup of Excellence", the Supremo roastery is present at the auctions of the fine coffees. As a sponsoring member of the competition, Supremo also supports the small farmers who cultivate these rarities with great care.

The quality competition of the "Micro-Lot-Challenge" is the selection of exceptional top coffees of the respective vintage. This international competition was initiated by the Supremo roasting company and has been held by Supremo for several years. The focus is on fairly rewarding the families who lovingly devote themselves to coffee cultivation for the outstanding quality of the specialty coffees. For this purpose, the coffee is imported directly.

Eine Kaffeepflanze Eine Kaffeepflanze

Fruity, earthy notes
with a strong acidity.
Experience real pleasure!