Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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The roastery Torrefaktum from Hamburg has its specialty roasting facility in the Phoenixhof in the factory building of the former Ottenser Eisenwerk. The fresh beans from selected coffee growing areas are carefully roasted with the roast master's craft. Coffee is a sensitive product - around 800 aromas are released by each bean during the roasting process. Therefore, Torrefaktum pays close attention to the perfect interplay of variety, roasting time and temperature.


At Torrefaktum, we roast traditionally in a drum roaster. Every second in the roasting process determines the intensity, degree of roasting and also the taste. Therefore, real knowledge is required here, which the roasting master of Torrefaktum has! After roasting, the beans cool down on a sieve and get fresh air.

Torrefaktum Café Torrefaktum Café
Ein kleiner Wagen zum Zubereiten von Kaffee Ein kleiner Wagen zum Zubereiten von Kaffee

The packaging of Torrefaktum coffees is environmentally friendly. In addition, all blends are certified organic. In terms of taste, the blends convince with high quality and the finest taste. The Black Birdy tastes of chocolate, licorice and gingerbread. The dark roasted beans are intense and strong. The Black Birdy is a pure Arabica coffee. In contrast, the Wakeup is a blend of 80% Arabica beans and 20% Robusta beans. The organic certified espresso tastes of nuts and chocolate. The espresso is very harmonious and fine. The Good Morning filter coffee is simply a good way to start the day. The taste is soft, sweet and reminiscent of tropical fruits and caramel. The beans for the Decaf espresso and Decaf filter coffee are gently decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Decaf process. The decaffeination is very gentle, without any chemicals and only with water.


Torrefaktum now has 3 cafés in Hamburg: in Eppendorf, Ottensen and in the ZEIT Café in the city center, coffee can be enjoyed. The ZEIT Café is a place of encounter: literature, readings and creative exchange are combined with exclusive coffee enjoyment. In addition, Torrefaktum is also mobile: the Torrefaktum coffee mobile is on the road in the Hanseatic city or is booked for events.
For coffee enjoyment at home, Torrefaktum's blends are available at Aromatico!

Ein Café von Torrefaktum von innen Ein Café von Torrefaktum von innen