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Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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Henning Reiche has been running an exhibition café in Berlin-Mitte since 2012. In 2020, Henning was at a barista workshop and learned about the high water consumption in coffee cultivation, which led him to search for solutions. Not only the consumption of water, but especially water pollution and the consequences for the environment concerned him. Together with Shai Hoffmann, a social entrepreneur, speaker, activist and lecturer in social entrepreneurship - Truesday was born from an idea on a Tuesday. So not on the first day of the week. Nor is True Pricing the first sustainability standard (there was organic and Fairtrade certification before it) - hence the name "Truesday."


The problem Henning has identified and wants to solve with Truesday is now clear. Create coffee with a positive impact, leave no harm behind, give more back to nature and people than was taken to grow the coffee. Being sustainable. For Truesday, sustainability is being holistic while being transparent.

Very specifically, Truesday aims to improve three areas:

  • The underpayment of farmers,
  • soil contamination
  • and water pollution
Truesday Produkte und Kaffeebereiter Truesday Produkte und Kaffeebereiter
Kaffee wird in eine Tasse gefüllt Kaffee wird in eine Tasse gefüllt


Truesday is the first German coffee brand with the True Price. The True Price is the possibility to disclose the real costs for people and nature and to reduce social as well as ecological damage in the long run. This way, all - even usually hidden - costs are disclosed and a fair purchase decision is prepared.
To achieve its ambitious goals, Truesday works together with NGOs. It also cooperates and exchanges data with the True Price Organization, the world's leading social enterprise in the analysis of environmental and social costs. For every kilogram of roasted coffee, Truesday plants four mangrove trees in Madagascar.

Truesday was the first German coffee roaster to win the Design Award of the Specialty Coffee Association SCA in New Orleans. Truesday was able to convince in the category best packaging and was awarded the prize.

Truesday und der SCA Coffee Design Award Truesday und der SCA Coffee Design Award