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Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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In 2017, the taste artisans of the young Union Roastery made it their goal to bring the tremendous richness of flavor of the coffee bean, beyond sour and bitter, into the coffee cup with really well roasted, hand-roasted coffee beans.


The four-man team around the managing director with 25 years of coffee experience, Christian Klatt, takes care of the coffee bean with great dedication. Thus, each coffee is roasted in the elaborate hand-roasting process, which requires a lot of experience to produce such a high-quality coffee. The eye and the nose of the roast master Robin Kochan decide on the aroma of the coffee. The green coffee for the Union Roastery products comes from Brazil, Colombia, India, Sumatra and Ethiopia. This results in coffee of outstanding quality. Strong, yet harmonious with an elegant fullness.

Rohkaffee Rohkaffee
Vergleich Rohkaffee und gerösteter Kaffee Vergleich Rohkaffee und gerösteter Kaffee

The road to good coffee is long. Not only concentrated experience and iron will are necessary, but also a 360 degree view of the coffee during roasting. The use of the senses "smell", "taste" and "sight" is necessary until a well-controlled roasting is achieved and it gets its very own signature. In the end, only a few seconds decide the success of a roast.


Under the roof of the old brewery building of Bremen's Union Brauerei in Walle, the founders found a perfect place for their coffee roastery. This is where they now roast their coffee, in the old attic of the Union Brewery. An old winch pulls the green coffee bags into the former malt store, which was transformed from attic to coffee roastery in 9 months. The product line includes both coffees and espressos with North German-influenced product names: Nordlicht, Hansebrand, Küstenkind and Deichgold. Discover the different coffees developed in painstaking hand roasting of this young roastery.

gemahlener Kaffee in Siebträger gemahlener Kaffee in Siebträger