Bedienung eines Siebträgers Bedienung eines Siebträgers
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Let's start the portrait about the manufacturer directly with a meaningful quote: "We believe that the taste for excellence comes from a wise combination of history and innovation, respect for tradition and a vision of the future". So let's give these four values the content of the company WEGA.


WEGA was founded in 1969 by Nello Dal Uncle, heir to the Astoria CMA Group. Then, in 1985, the name WEGA Macchine per Caffè was established. In 2007 the company's headquarters were opened in Susegana (Treviso) - incidentally the largest site for the production of espresso machines!


Already in 2009 the Green Line was launched. A revolutionary coffee machine series, which designed the coffee machines to be more energy efficient. But WEGA does even more for the aspect of sustainability and energy saving. The production lines are to be used efficiently, which includes, for example, automatic shutdown of the machines, systems to prevent power and heat loss, and intelligent recycling techniques to maximize separate waste collection. In addition, the aim is to optimize the recovery of materials used during acceptance - for example, the reuse of process water during machine tests. WEGA describes itself as curious, rebellious and a lover of technology. The machines are constantly being further developed in terms of their technology, feel and design, and new series are being added. WEGA burns for good espresso and continues to perfect its machines with motivation and passion.


WEGA strikes the perfect balance between tradition and innovation! They say of themselves that they are strongly rooted Italians, but equally love the perspectives, technology and constant innovation. However, they always remain true to themselves, have always taken into account their recognizable features in the designs and continue their traditional values.


WEGA's mission is to create very high quality and technologically innovative coffee machines for baristas. In doing so, the quality of the espresso is to be protected and supported by the machines. The fact that WEGA successfully and sustainably implements these four components - the figures speak for themselves. The Susegana plant covers 40,000 m^2, with a production area of 20,000 m^2. There are 260 employees working on the 70,000 production units. Meanwhile, WEGA has international locations, such as in Hong Kong, France and in the USA. In the end, as mentioned at the beginning, WEGA is also all about one thing - a taste for excellence. WEGA loves and lives coffee and this can be seen in the very high quality espresso machines and their fine details.