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The grind is one of many factors that affect the quality of coffee. With a grinder - whether hand-operated or electric - you can adjust the grind for your coffee to suit your taste. Follow these steps when grinding with an electric grinder:


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Only add the beans to the container of your grinder just before grinding. Use only a few beans and prefer to refill later.
Set the grinding degree. Use the finest setting for Turkish mocha. It should be as fine as powdered sugar, since the coffee grounds are poured in as well. The grind for espresso from a portafilter is only slightly coarser. For preparation with the Aeropress, the grind should be medium fine. Mocha pots and hand filters require a medium grind. This is reminiscent of fine sand. For the Syphon and the Chemex, an even coarser grind is required for the coffee. It corresponds comparatively to table coffee. The grind for the Karlovy Vary pot and French press coffee is the coarsest.
Then switch on the grinder. Grind only as much coffee as you need at the moment and use it right away. You are assured of an aromatic coffee.
You should clean both the electric coffee grinder and the hand grinder occasionally, as the fats in the coffee beans settle and oxidize. Over time, a rancid smell develops. For cleaning, it is best to buy a special cleaning granulate that you can grind like coffee beans. It is odorless and absorbs the fats. Residues are also removed during such cleaning, so that the coffee grind is not distorted.


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One "M" of the well-known 5 M's for perfect espresso (blend, quantity, grind, machine and man) is the grind. The grind is a factor to directly influence the extraction time of the espresso. Not only in the preparation of espresso, but also in any other preparation method, the grind is important. Each type of preparation requires a specific grind that meets the requirements. It must be taken into account whether the preparation is carried out via a brewing process or with pressure. The decisive factor is the respective contact time between the water and the ground coffee. A regular filter coffee machine requires about four to six minutes of brewing time for a good coffee. For an espresso, on the other hand, 20 to 30 seconds are sufficient in a portafilter machine. In the French press, the ground coffee should steep for about four to six minutes. The coarser the grind, the faster the water can make its way through the coffee grounds and dissolve the coffee ingredients. Coffee grinds can be graded from coarse sea salt to extra fine powdered sugar.


There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the grind. This is because if the coffee is ground too coarsely, under-extraction will occur - many flavors and ingredients will remain in the powder. Contact with the water is not enough to dissolve them, and the coffee becomes stale. If, on the other hand, the coffee is ground too finely, it is over-extracted during brewing: It is in contact with the hot water for too long, and bitter flavors also dissolve. The result is a very strong and bitter coffee.


If you want to be as professional as an Italian barista with the grind of your coffee, you should take into account the current weather. Ground coffee is hygroscopic and absorbs water from the air. If the humidity is high, you should choose a slightly coarser grind, and if the humidity is low, a slightly finer grind.


It is not only the grain size of the coffee powder that determines the taste of the finished coffee. The pressure with which you press the powder into the portafilter or the amount you put into your mocha pot also affects the result. It's best to experiment with the coffee grind until you find the optimal combination for your taste.


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