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EINS gemahlen

ground coffee / 250 g

Our Decaf, pre-ground

caramel / floral notes
Cold Brew Maker / hand brewed coffee / French-Press / Coffee filter machine


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  • 100% pre-ground Arabica coffee
  • Mixture of coffees from Colombia, Honduras and Ethiopia
  • Fruity in taste with floral sweetness and notes of chocolate
  • Decaffeinated

Aromatico filter coffee EINS - Carefree enjoyment

The Aromatico EINS is our favorite decaf filter coffee. Only Arabica coffee beans from Colombia, Honduras and Ethiopia are used for roasting in the traditional drum roaster. Before roasting, all beans are decaffeinated without losing their characteristic taste. Providing quality and truly delicious decaf coffee is close to our hearts - for far too long decaffeinated coffees have been considered second-rate coffees and the selection of good decafs is still limited today. Against this background, we set an example and proudly present our own Decaf - the Aromatico EINS.

Balanced taste

When choosing the mixture of coffee beans from Colombia, Honduras and Ethiopia, as well as developing the special roasting profile, we made sure that the result was a balanced and delicious taste experience, in which the characteristics of the individual original notes harmonized meet each other The Colombian coffee beans lay a solid foundation with accentuated fruit notes and nuances of berries. In addition, there are the typical Ethiopian floral aromas with a floral sweetness. The composition is rounded off by the Honduran component, which ensures a pleasant body and a great, silky mouthfeel and contributes a special, slightly woody spiciness with hints of chocolate.

To prepare

The pre-ground version of the Aromatico EINS is suitable for the convenient preparation of filter coffee without your own grinder. We recommend using a slightly higher dosage of 65 grams per liter of water for decaffeinated coffees such as the Aromatico EINS. Without caffeine, the Aromatico EINS invites you to try out and compare different preparations in order to find your personal favorite recipe, without any caffeine shock.

Labels and awards
Kreisrundes rotes Logo exklusiv bei Aromatico

Um die Treue des Rösters gegenüber Aromatico hervorzuheben und dabei noch transparenter zu sein, werden Artikel die nur durch Aromatico in Deutschland vertrieben werden, mit dem Siegel „Exklusiv bei Aromatico“ versehen.

Blend & Suitability
Arabica percentage
Robusta percentage
Filter coffee
Milk coffee
Caffè crema
Aromatico Taste profile
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Fruit note
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