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TÜRKÜ N.6 Mastic Gum

ground coffee / 125 g

Turkish coffee

Italian coffee pot / hand brewed coffee


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  • Medium Roasted
  • Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala
  • 100 % Arabica

Special aroma

The Mikah - Türkü N.6 Mastic Gum is a coffee that is ideal for preparing it in the Turkish coffee preparation variant. The finely ground Türku N.6 consists of 125 g ground coffee powder made from 100 % Arabica coffee beans. These were grown in the regions of Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala. The coffee has notes of mastic gum, this is a typical Turkish aroma that gives the Mikah coffee a special touch. The mastic is the resin of mastic bushes, this is created by the drying and hardening of the resin balsam that emerges from the bushes. It is also used as a spice in Turkish cuisine.

Preparation in the Turkish cezve - perfect coffee enjoyment from the Orient

The Turkish cezve is a traditional coffee-making device widely used in Turkey and the Orient. It consists of a small pot with a long handle and a narrow spout. With it, you can easily prepare an aromatic and strong coffee that will delight every coffee lover. Perfect taste through traditional preparation: The Turkish cezve enables a traditional way of preparing coffee, in which the powder is boiled directly in the water. This creates an intense and full-bodied taste that can be enhanced by using freshly ground coffee. The preparation is quick and easy, so you can always enjoy a fresh coffee.

Ingredients: Mastic gum (12 %), 1 kg: 120 g

Blend & Suitability
Arabica percentage
Robusta percentage
Filter coffee
Milk coffee
Caffè crema
Aromatico Taste profile
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