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Portafilter Machines

Premiumausstattung für die heimische Espressobar

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MHD: 23.10.2025 Product no.: 105386
  • Reneka dual circuit portafilter machine bundled with Eureka Mignon
  • Automatic tamper directly in the brew group
  • High quality espresso grinder Eureka Mignon Specialita
  • Including matching brewing drawer from Eureka
  • Elegant design on both machines
  • Get started straight away with two bags of 1 kg espresso from Aromatico

Full comfort at home

This bundle contains high-quality equipment that espresso fans who want a well-stocked espresso bar at home or in the office will get their money's worth. The combination of Reneka Family Home 1G and the Eureka Mignon Specialita is particularly well suited when several, including less experienced, people want to prepare espresso. The main reason for this is the innovative brewing group of the Reneka Family Home, in which an automatic tamper is installed, as well as the precise dosing function of the Eureka Mignon Specialita. Thanks to the included espresso beans, you can start right away!

Always perfectly tamped

The Reneka Family Home 1G in black impresses at first sight with its eye-catching look, created by the designer Alexander Schulz. With a high railing, large feet, the triangular-looking brewing group and, above all, the levers and controls reminiscent of a motorboat or airplane, the portafilter machine from France makes a luxurious impression. The major technical highlight of the Family Home is the patented Aroma Perfect brew group. The built-in tamper function ensures that you no longer have to tamper yourself before clamping the portafilter. Instead, the portafilter can simply be clamped in, filled with the freshly ground coffee, and the machine does the rest. After the reference has been started with the small toggle switch in the middle, the brewing group begins to compress the ground coffee using spring bearings and water pressure. The espresso is then drawn off in the usual way. An additional tamper is therefore not required. As a two-circuit system with a heat exchanger, the Reneka Family Home can dispense steam and espresso at the same time. The fine-pored milk froth for latte art on cappuccino, flat white and co. can be frothed while the espresso is being drawn off.

Eureka's espresso specialist

A good portafilter machine like the Reneka Family Home 1G inevitably includes an equally good grinder. This bundle includes the Chrome version of the Eureka Mignon Specialita. Thanks to the comfortable touch interface, which is integrated in the ejection chute, the control of the grinder and the dosing are extremely convenient. With the 55 mm disc grinder and a powerful motor, the Specialita grinds quickly and reliably. Thanks to the hands-free portafilter fork, the portafilter can simply remain in place during grinding, leaving both hands free, for example to prepare the milk jug for frothing. The setting of the degree of grinding succeeds via the stepless and precise setting degree. If the degree of grinding and dose are set correctly and the bean container is sufficiently full, the preparation of espresso with the Mignon Specialita and the Reneka Family Home is extremely easy, since the freshly filled portafilter can be clamped from the portafilter holder of the grinder into the brewing group without any further intermediate steps . In this way, all members of a household or office can prepare an espresso correctly.

Tap box and two kilos of espresso right here

In addition to the duo of Reneka Family Home 1G and the Eureka Mignon Specialita, the matching knock-off box or brewing drawer from Eureka is included in the bundle. It has exactly the right dimensions to stand under the grinder and offers enough space to free the portafilter from used coffee a few times. The bar that the portafilter is hit is not hard, so noise is minimized. The drawer can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Two bags, each with 1 kg of Aromatico espresso, are included to get you started straight away. With the Aromatico - 5 STELLE you can familiarize yourself with the new equipment and taste an espresso right away. The supply should be large enough to share the pleasure with guests, friends and family.

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