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Simplicity is the trend. Today, we drink coffee pure again, freshly prepared, without any fuss. Enjoyment is in the foreground: also at Blasercafé. The roastery is committed to picking up on coffee trends and making them tangible. The roastery is also committed to knowledge transfer. Experience and new knowledge about coffee are shared with partners and customers and flow into new coffee and espresso creations and innovations for the future.


At the same time, Blasercafé is a traditional company and was founded as early as 1922 by Walter Blaser in Zurich. Shortly thereafter, the company moved to Bern and took over a property that served as a roastery, office and store. Today, the company is managed by the 4th generation and adheres to the values that were already important to the company's founder. First and foremost are product quality and customer satisfaction. The success proves the roastery right. From a small coffee trading business, the company has grown into an internationally oriented, medium-sized family business, divided into Blaser Café AG with the roasted coffee business and Blaser Trading AG with the green coffee business with company headquarters in Bern (Switzerland).
Zwei Männer halten Kaffeverpackung in den Händen Zwei Männer halten Kaffeverpackung in den Händen
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One of the most developed business areas for Blasercafé is gastronomy. Customers all over the world drink Blasercafé in the most beautiful places, in stylish restaurants or on the way to their vacation in the airplane. So a good coffee is always near you.


Blasercafé's philosophy and strategy is based on four strategic fields: Trends, Traditions, Traceability and Transfer. Through innovation and the identification of trends, the company offers a wide range of different BLENDS, where every fragrant lover will find their favorite. The traditional production and the passion for coffee as a product keep the roastery from devoting itself to filthy lucre. With great care, Blasercafé pays attention to product quality. This means that the origin of the green coffees used can already be assigned to a producer by 80%. The company is working on achieving 100% attribution. The transfer of knowledge gained is passed on through all production steps to the end product. Research and development are at the forefront of this. By combining the different strategic fields, Blasercafé develops and creates new and innovative products.
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