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BRITA was founded in 1966 and has its headquarters in Taunusstein. For over 50 years, the company has focused on innovations in the field of drinking water filtration and optimization. Through consistent optimization and adaptation of the product range, Brita has established itself as a technology and quality leader. In the field of drinking water filtration, BRITA offers both household filters for private use and water dispensers and water filters as a professional solution for commercial equipment.


At BRITA, keeping the product promise is a particularly high priority. The company has made it its mission to deliver high-quality products to its customers at reasonable prices. A lot of emphasis has been placed on ease of use and a softer, more pleasant drinking experience, especially with water containing lime. For the development of BRITA products, the filter cartridges, raw materials and end products are permanently checked and tested according to defined quality requirements. The careful use of natural resources is a central component of the company's entrepreneurial activities. Of course, the used cartridges are also reused or recycled by means of a special process. In addition, BRITA ensures through the traceability of its products that the origin is always clearly traceable. However, it is not just recently that BRITA has been trying to implement its vision of a sustainably managed company and raise people's awareness of the issue, but has been doing so for years. "Filtering instead of throwing away" is the company's motto which leads to the avoidance of plastic waste with the help of its water filters.


BRITA filter cartridges can be used for espresso and coffee machines, water filter boilers or water dispensers and optimize water filtration. To guarantee perfect coffee enjoyment, BRITA thus improves the quality of the water with its products. The aromatic substances can develop better, less limescale is deposited and taste-disturbing substances are filtered out of the water. In this way, the unmistakably delicious aroma of the coffee can assert itself and the taste is not impaired. In addition, the service life of the tea, espresso and coffee machines is extended.

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