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Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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Coffee enjoyment for connoisseurs - the motto of the Munich roastery refers to the use of exclusively high-quality green coffees and the devoted roasting process . Harald Faust roasts his coffees and espressos in the Kraemer'schen Kunstmühle in Untergiesing near Munich. The building dates back to 1701. Originally used as a paper mill, the Krämer family acquired the mill in 1863 and converted it into a flour mill.


Meanwhile, the roastery sells almost 20 different types of coffee and espresso. In addition to decaffeinated espresso or filter coffee, fragrant lovers are offered a wide range of variations. From certified organic plantation coffees to sophisticated blends roasted in the southern Italian style, there is something for every palate. But also lovers of single-origin coffees will not miss out at Caffé Fausto.
Kaffeesäcke neben einer Rösttrommel Kaffeesäcke neben einer Rösttrommel
Rösterer Caffè Fausto Gebäude Rösterer Caffè Fausto Gebäude
Among the highlights of the Munich roastery is the CAFFÉ FAUSTO MALABAR as a mysterious single origin and the CAFFÉ FAUSTO BIO GIUBILEO, as a jubilee of taste. By default, the company sells only whole beans, on personal request they can also be ground depending on the method of preparation. Patience, love and a lot of craftsmanship are the responsible factors for the unique coffee taste of Caffé Fausto.


In a beautiful atmosphere next to the river Auer Mühlbach and near the Flaucher, Caffé Fausto restored and modernized its place of business. Since 2010, Caffé Fausto, the coffee roasting company from Bavaria, has been operating a cozy café. Delicious coffee specialties made from their own freshly roasted beans, cakes as well as regional delicacies can be enjoyed there in a wonderful atmosphere. For particularly interested coffee enthusiasts, the Caffé Fausto coffee school was recently established. There you can take barista as well as latte art courses and thus expand your skills and knowledge around the topic of coffee.
Die Kaffeerösterei Caffè Fausto Die Kaffeerösterei Caffè Fausto
Caffé Fausto GmbH | Birkenleiten 41 | 81543 München | Germany