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Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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„Pushing towards a fair, friendly and sustainable hospitality and food industry.“ – This is the mission statement of the young roasting company Hoppenworth & Ploch from Frankfurt am Main. The assortment of selected specialty coffees convinces with high quality and fair cultivation.


Since 2019, Hoppenworth & Ploch has been roasting in Sachsenhausen and also offers barista courses and other coffee seminars on site. The company's mission: to transform the food world into a more sustainable, friendly and fair world. Hoppenworth & Ploch is mainly dedicated to light roasts, as these allow the full complexity of the different origins to be experienced. However, the roastery also has a selection of dark specialty coffee roasts in its range for fans of classic and more tart coffee beans. That Hoppenworth & Ploch understands its craft is clear from Kilian's title as Roasting Champion 2018 and the "Roaster of the Year 2021" award from Crema Magazine.

Hoppenworth & Ploch Kaffeerösterei Hoppenworth & Ploch Kaffeerösterei
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Hoppenworth & Ploch always buys the coffee seasonally. Thus, the assortment changes several times a month and fresh beans are always roasted. The roastery delights coffee fans every month with at least one new specialty coffee in the assortment, with each coffee highlighting the specifics of its terroir. The team invests a lot of time in the profile development and quality control of the beans and has already been rewarded with several titles for their excellent work.


All coffees from the young roastery can be traced back to the farm. Hoppenworth & Ploch works exclusively with importers who share its values. Thus, only ecologically, economically and socially sustainable coffees from fair cultivation make it into the company's roaster.

Kaffeeröstung Kaffeeröstung


Hoppenworth & Ploch loves the taste of Brazilian coffees. For this reason, Frahling lovers will always find at least one Brazilian coffee in the roastery's in-house cafés. Especially in Brazil, small farmers are having a hard time competing in the global coffee market, which is dominated by large corporations. Small farms find it difficult to absorb the strong fluctuations in green coffee prices. For this reason, roasters Hoppenworth & Ploch rely on direct trade with the farms and on cooperation with established, trustworthy green coffee importers, who are the link to the coffee farmers. This approach guarantees the assurance of where the coffee comes from and under what conditions it was grown.


Before a new coffee makes it into the Hoppenworth & Ploch range, there are many questions that need to be answered: How, at what altitude, under what conditions and in which country should the coffee be grown? How should the coffee be processed? How much coffee does the roastery need, or how much coffee should be available from the harvest? Do the farmers and importers share the company's environmental, economic and social values? After answering these questions, Hoppenworth & Ploch contacts the coffee importers and requests suitable samples. This is followed by a visual inspection of the samples for defects, sample roasts and blind-cupping with hiding of the name, origin and price to obtain a neutral and objective assessment. After this, the decision is made as to which coffee will be included in the range and will provide coffee fans with real coffee enjoyment in the future.