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Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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In the Obernstraße, probably the most famous shopping arcade in Bremen, a new building has taken its place: the Johann Jacobs Haus.  In the Johann Jacobs Haus in Bremen you can spend not only wonderful hours drinking coffee. In addition to the café, where you can taste and purchase all specialty coffees, coffee training courses and seminar rooms are also offered in the new Johann Jacobs Haus.    
One of the Speciality Coffees of the Jacobs Coffee Roasting Company is the Luis Galeano. With fruity nuances of pear, elderflower and apple, it caresses the palate of true coffee connoisseurs. The filter coffee can be enjoyed wonderfully from the plain white porcelain latte cup. If the coffee thirst should call you on the way, you can fall back on the environmentally conscious coffee to go cup of Jacobs coffee. The roastery has also thought of espresso or cappuccino and latte macchiato lovers with its parent company Blend Espresso. A rich and harmonious taste comes from this specialty coffee.
Ein Mann bereitet einen Kaffee zu Ein Mann bereitet einen Kaffee zu
Jacobs Kaffee Tüten werden verschlosse Jacobs Kaffee Tüten werden verschlosse


The espresso is prepared in Obernstraße at the Modbar - a unique technique. Nowhere else in Bremen you will have the opportunity to taste an espresso prepared in this way. A Modbar combines an exact extraction of an espresso in combination with a perfect café bar design. If you want to get your own impression of this special preparation, you should make your way to Obernstraße in Bremen!

Every action of the employees is deeply rooted in these three values: passion, quality and holistic thinking.

Passion: As Johann Jacobs once did 125 years ago, every step and work process is carried out with the utmost passion.

Quality standards: It is not only the bean that determines the quality of a coffee, but also the expertise of everyone involved in the preparation process.

Holistic thinking: Only by following a sustainable path can future generations still experience something of the traditional company and continue the roastery.

Ein Mann bereitet einen Kaffee zu Ein Mann bereitet einen Kaffee zu