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Bedienung eines Siebträgers Bedienung eines Siebträgers
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"Let your day be filled with what inspires you". This is the motto of the company of high-quality tableware, beverage and home accessories founded in 1972 in Shiga, Japan. Initially, the company Kinto started as a wholesaler of tableware, but soon developed its own products, which still today enrich the everyday life of many customers. Since 2010, the Japanese brand has been exporting worldwide and is steadily growing in the form of a subsidiary in Europe.


Kinto attaches great importance to the feeling that arises during the use of its products. It is about the pleasure that comes from the simplicity of use, and especially perfect in the hand. It is about slowing down, enjoying the moment of a dinner, or simply a coffee break, with your closest friends and family. Kinto's products are intended to evoke a sense of deceleration while serving a wide variety of delicacies in the high-quality vessels. The customer's life should be enriched above all by the balance of usability and aesthetics, so that the mind can relax and escape for a moment from the stress of everyday life.
Person gießt Kaffee in weißen Thermobecher Person gießt Kaffee in weißen Thermobecher
Handfilter Zubereiter und Tassen platziert auf Küchenzeile Handfilter Zubereiter und Tassen platziert auf Küchenzeile

Kinto's employees are inspired by stories and moments and gain their insights from fashion, dining experiences or simply everyday life. Japanese traditions still shape the design of the products today, yet fit in with modern lifestyles around the world. The result is unique products that spring from the creativity of their developers and win design awards for themselves. Strong partnerships with suppliers and craftsmen are the reason for Kinto's great success in Japan and abroad.


Kinto's goal is to make coffee preparation a sensual experience. The smooth pour over kettle, with its unobtrusive design as well as its serene shape, does its best to make this goal a reality. The elegant presence of the products reflects the creativity with which they are created, bringing color as well as a comfortable lifestyle to the everyday life of the users. Materials such as glass, porcelain, stainless steel and wood are used to create results such as cups, tableware, furnishings and even Brewer Stand sets. The Travel Tumbler is a special one, as this mug is ideal for on the go, at work or while traveling. It promises to keep hot as well as cold drinks at the desired temperature thanks to the vacuum insulation. 
Werkzeug und grüner Kaffeebecher stehen auf Holzhocker. Im Hintergrund schraubt Person an einem Fahrrad Werkzeug und grüner Kaffeebecher stehen auf Holzhocker. Im Hintergrund schraubt Person an einem Fahrrad