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In 1964, the company Technivorm-Moccamaster was founded and since then has provided a secure job for many people. The company is constantly working on new designs and studies to advance the taste experience of good coffee. The company is helped by long-standing relationships with the "European Coffee Brewing Centre" and various coffee roasting companies to exchange ideas and continuously improve their products. Technivorm-Moccamaster now has a comprehensive range of coffee machines, hot plates, coffee grinders and coffee accessories in more than two hundred variations. A distinction is made between appliances for private households and appliances for professional use.


In 1968 Technivorm first started to develop a coffee machine for the fast and normal filter method. Soon after, several other models followed. Initially only for home use, coffee machines for the professional market followed from 1983. At that time, Technivorm was considered revolutionary and innovative due to the installation of a radial valve, because from now on the coffee no longer overheated, so the coffee result had less bitterness and thus a better taste. 
Moccamaster Filterkaffeemaschine Edelstahl Moccamaster Filterkaffeemaschine Edelstahl
Filterkaffeemaschine Edelstahl Filterkaffeemaschine Edelstahl

The Moccamaster filter coffee maker convinces not only with its beautiful and simple design in many different colors, but especially with its simple operation and convincing taste. For quality-conscious frahling lovers:inside it is a must, because a first-class coffee, with gossamer nuances almost like a hand filter method, is guaranteed. A clear advantage of the Moccamaster is that larger quantities can be brewed quietly, which saves the customer a lot of time compared to the hand filter method.


A healthy environment is of great importance to Technivorm-Moccamaster. The company's goal is to use as many recyclable or, in the best case, completely degradable materials as possible. In addition, Technivorm-Moccamaster products are economical in consumption and have an extremely long life, thus helping to minimize waste disposal. The company, which has been awarded a seal of approval, is committed to resource-saving and energy-efficient production.
Werkstatt mit kleinen Bauteilen für Filterkaffeemaschine Werkstatt mit kleinen Bauteilen für Filterkaffeemaschine