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Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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An impressive family cohesion. This describes the Castellari family, which has been running the Mokador family business in the Faenza region of northern Italy since 1967.


Domenico Castellari, the Italian founder was for years on a mission to find the best and highest quality coffee beans for his products. After the early death of their father, the sons Matteo and Niko took over the responsibility from then on. Little by little, they won over the whole of Italy for themselves and their top-quality products. Only a short time later, the brand awareness of their roastery even expanded beyond the country's borders.
Kaffee in einem Mokador-Glas Kaffee in einem Mokador-Glas
Mokador-Kaffee in einem Siebträger Mokador-Kaffee in einem Siebträger


The founder's highest concern has always been the quality of Mokador coffees. In his search for the best coffee beans for his roastery, he came across coffee plantations in the high plateaus of Central and South America, at altitudes of at least 900 meters. He finally found what he was looking for in Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica, and discovered Arabica beans that met his requirements. Only selected, high-quality coffee beans are considered for the various blends of Mokador Espressi. The first selection is already carried out on the coffee plantation and is followed later by further numerous controls of the beans, so that the quality can be guaranteed according to the ISO standard 9001. After a particularly careful cleaning process, the coffee beans, which are still green, arrive at the roasting plant. Each type of bean is roasted and stored separately at Mokador so that the different characteristics are preserved. This creates the consistent quality of all Mokador blends, which are only conjured into a blend after roasting.


From a flowery seduction with MOKADOR FLORITA to the exquisite MOKADOR 100% ARABICA Blend, there is an espresso for every palate. In addition to various delicious espressos in capsules for easy preparation in the comfort of your own home, the roastery impresses with a very special blend. The prestige roast MOKADOR GRAN MISCELA with a particularly large proportion of Arabicas is a real treat even for the more demanding palate. This Mokador espresso also carries the voluntary BVQI certification. The topic of sustainability must not be neglected at the family-owned company either. Since 2011, solar cells on the roofs of the roastery have been supplying the company with energy. Mokador has also succeeded in gaining ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.
Kaffekirsche in der Natur Kaffekirsche in der Natur