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Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe


With the ambition to make the best coffee quality transparently accessible to everyone, the Q-graders ensure coffees of the highest quality.


The internationally respected Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) has set itself the goal of creating uniform standards for the assessment of coffee and establishing them worldwide. The aim is to harmonize the grading of coffee qualities in order to achieve greater transparency. As a consumer, you will then be able to rely on the experts' assessment when choosing coffee. In addition, consistent enforcement of these standards is also expected to lead to a general improvement in the coffees assessed in this way: the experts will sort out inferior beans or batches in good time and completely, so that only high-quality coffee goes on sale.

Kaffeepulver im Siebträger Kaffeepulver im Siebträger


To this end, the CQI has designed the examination and appointment of Q-graders. These professionals must prove, in a complex and globally standardized examination procedure, both practically and theoretically, that they have excellent knowledge in the field of coffee evaluation, coffee roasting and coffee marketing. In order to impart the knowledge required for this, the CQI conducts Q-Grading training at regular intervals.

During this training, participants learn various techniques for sensory evaluation of the properties of coffee. The main focus is on the assessment of aroma, acidity, aroma and taste of different coffees. This assessment is carried out in a comprehensible manner and according to generally accepted standards. The Q-grader exam consists of 20 individual tests, all of which must be passed. In detail, these are various taste and smell tests. In the so-called cupping skill tests, for example, the origin of various coffees must be identified on the basis of their aroma. In comparative tests, the test subjects have to rank the exclusivity of various specialty coffees solely on the basis of their taste and other sensory characteristics. After passing the Q-grading exam, the graduate receives a license. It is valid for three years. At the end of this period, the Q grader must pass the examination procedure again.


Those who successfully complete the Q-grader training are able and authorized to analyze coffee using the cupping and assessment protocols issued by the CQI. These assessments, due to their international standardization, establish comparability between different coffees tested. Today you can find such analysis for both Arabica and Robusta coffee, but for Robusta the procedure is called R-grading.

Siebträger Tampen Siebträger Tampen

A cupping and evaluation protocol is based on a standardized point system. Top coffees with outstanding ratings receive point values ranging from 90 to 100. The designation "outstanding" is given to these top qualities. Very good coffees that score between 85 and 89 points are given the classification "excellent. Up to 80 is enough for the rating "very good" in this rating system. All three top groups are assigned to the "specialty" category. Coffees that score below this mark do not receive an award. Anyone who wants to work as a Q grader in Germany has the best chance of finding an exciting and well-paid job at one of the large roasting companies or small coffee manufacturers.

Espresso aus Siebträgermaschine Espresso aus Siebträgermaschine


Q-Grader is the designation for trained coffee professionals who are focused on the quality of coffee. In the Q-grader training, coffee connoisseurs receive specialized knowledge about the evaluation of coffee, the roasting process and the marketing of coffee. Q-graders also receive through their training a perfektionoierte sensory, with which they can finally determine a flawless burteilung of coffee, especially the quality of coffee.

Natura Bio Espresso
Dresdner Kaffeerösterei
Natura Bio Espresso
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Farmers Voice Bio Espresso
Farmers Voice Bio Espresso
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Black Birdy BIO
Black Birdy BIO
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