Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
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Once upon a time in Naples at the foot of Mount Vesuvius in 1870, the birth of today's espresso culture metropolis. Domenico Barbera contributed to this. Initially, the young man experimented with a small mobile roasting machine and developed his own coffee creations. Shortly thereafter, the coffee and roasting experience laid the foundation of the Barbera family's current company. When Domenico offered his coffee creations in the streets of Naples, the taste of the little black awakener bordered on magic for many. That's why they affectionately called him: "il mago".


Today's coffee tradition of the Barbera family has nothing to do with magic. Now in its 6th generation, the company looks back on 150 years of experience and passion for coffee. Enthusiasm and the desire to learn more about coffee is the passion that drives the Barbera family business. The roastery has recently experienced a wave of dynamism and innovation. The experience passed down from generation to generation is reflected in the roastery's current coffee compositions. The success of the company goes back to the philosophy of loyalty. Loyalty to the company and to the employees, characterized by passion and professionalism.
With the registration in the Register of Historical Italian Trademarks, Barbera has obtained a recognition given to national production companies for excellence, historically linked to the national territory.
Kaffeebohnen auf dunkler Holzplatte mit Fässern im Hintergrund Kaffeebohnen auf dunkler Holzplatte mit Fässern im Hintergrund
Siebträger mit Kaffeebohnen, gemahlenem Kaffee und Latte Art Motiv Siebträger mit Kaffeebohnen, gemahlenem Kaffee und Latte Art Motiv


Did you know that the magician's beard gets longer and longer with time? Periodically Barbera adjusts the logo and each time the beard gets a bit longer. However, if the beard becomes too long, it will be shortened again after decades.


The Barbera roastery not only puts all its heart and soul into its blends, but also attaches great importance to sustainability and innovation. Since May 2022, the entire production of Caffè Barbera can be generated by solar energy. Photovoltaic systems have been installed on the production halls in Naples. A total of 180 solar cells were installed for this purpose. This allows 125,200 kWh of renewable energy to be generated.


The interaction between the selection of beans and the roasting profile is at the heart of the entire production process. At Barbera, the beans of different origins are roasted separately in the traditional way. The roasting cycles last at least 15 minutes and reach a maximum temperature of about 210 °C. After roasting, the beans are cooled in the air and the aromas are given time to develop.
From the beginnings of Domenico "il mago" developed a leading coffee roasting company operating worldwide. A careful selection of coffee beans, the highest quality standards, craftsmanship and a passion for the pleasure of a good espresso. These aspects are the secret and the magic formula by which the company operates so successfully today. In the meantime, Barbera coffee can be enjoyed far beyond the borders of Italy in many places around the world. Particularly popular are the BARBERA MAGO as well as the BARBERA MAGHETTO, just to name a few of the excellent Barbera espressos.
Espresso wird in Tasse gegossen Espresso wird in Tasse gegossen


Goal: To make transparent and traceable the supply chain for Barbera products, using Blockchain technology. For each Barbera product that already has the Blockchain technology, there is a dedicated page. On this, some information is accessible to the customer. 

For example, the four steps during the process of coffee beans:

  1. Planting on the plantation
  2. The harvest
  3. drying and
  4. the roasting.

On the page there is also a link to download more information. For example, photos of the harvest, certificates such as the organic certificate, a map showing the origin of the bean, a profile of the farmer who managed the coffee plantation, and much more. In addition to the links that lead to the pages with all the information, a QR code is also printed on the coffee packaging that leads directly to the transparent pages.

Aromatico supports the vision of mapping supply chains transparently for customers. The BARON BLUE JAVA already has blockchain technology (HTTPS://APP.TRACKGOOD.IO/?3F49443D323031). So does the ETHIOPIA SIDAMO (HTTPS://APP.TRACKGOOD.IO/?3F49443D323030).