Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe Kaffeebohnen mit einer kleinen Schüppe
Lucaffé Logo Lucaffé Logo


The Lucaffé man and the variations of the company's brand logo are unique. Their high recognition value is exceptional. The charming brand symbol represents the passion and high quality of Italian espresso. It was an inspired idea to associate the Lucaffé brand with an image that expresses the charm of the brand.


Espresso is considered all over the world as a typical Italian coffee. The Lucaffé roasting company started as a small artisan business in 1996 on the shores of Lake Garda in Padenghe sul Garda. The company's founder, Gian Luca Veturelli, pursued his goals with passion and grew the company year after year. In the beginning, the company focused on roasting and grinding coffee. Through research and innovation, the company portfolio evolved to specialize in packaging and espresso machine design. Early recognition of the benefits of COFFEE PADS, which later became an ESE standard, gave Lucaffé a tremendous edge over the competition. The development and distribution of espresso pad machines eventually advanced to become Lucaffé's specialty. In this way, Lucaffé espresso is said to deliver a particularly aromatic taste experience. A tasting of each sample by Gian Luca himself, guarantees the unique quality of Lucaffé coffees.


The idea of offering Italian espresso culture in single-serve packaging expanded the product portfolio and drove the company's expansion. Blends such as LUCAFFÉ ESPRESSO BAR or the LUCAFFÉ CLASSIC SELEZIONATA are the epitome of the northern Italian coffee roasting company. Lucaffé stands for Italian espresso culture, high quality as well as an easy application for the typical Italian coffee pleasure. The different coffee varieties are the result of a demanding as well as passionate development and research. Particularly high-quality bean varieties mature in noble wooden barrels to delicious moments of pleasure. The selection of the highest quality Lucaffé coffees and the processing according to the Italian tradition reflect the artisan coffee roasting of the roastery. The special aromas and flavors can be enjoyed in every single cup. All coffees are packaged in a protective atmosphere with the exclusion of oxygen. This preserves the flavors on the long journey around the world. A great coffee "Made in Italy" .

Produkttest Lucaffé Classic Selezionata Produkttest Lucaffé Classic Selezionata

Well balanced, with full body
and a crema like cream.

Produkttest Lucaffé Espresso Bar Produkttest Lucaffé Espresso Bar

Medium fruit notes, plenty of body and a 
caramel-coloured dense crema.

Produkttest Lucaffé Mr. Exclusive Produkttest Lucaffé Mr. Exclusive

A powerful Italian with a
dense, harmonious crema.