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While the operation of the coffee machine is relatively simple, it requires a few presets to create the perfect taste. First read how to configure the settings step by step, and then how to prepare the coffee.


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Finding the right coffee bean: Arabica beans are particularly popular for fully automatic coffee machines with cappuccino, latte macchiato and espresso functions. The beans have a mild and aromatic taste. If you love different beans in your family, choose a fully automatic machine with two bean compartments. Also, find an optimal container for airtight storage of the beans, because oxygen attacks the aroma.

The grind: Read the operating instructions for your fully automatic espresso machine thoroughly to know which settings produce which result. Use the right water: Since tap water often cannot cope with the pressure in the machine, we recommend using still bottled water or a water filter for your fully automatic coffee machine.

Turn on your fully automatic machine so that it can preheat. Fill the machine with water, beans and, if necessary, milk. Small hint: Always fill only as many beans as you use, otherwise they will lose their flavor over time.

Place your cup or mug on the designated spot. If you want to brew more coffee, an automatic coffee maker with a jug function is recommended.Select the preparation method. In high-quality automatic coffee machines, there are up to 25 different grinds and coffee specialties that can be prepared.

If your espresso machine does not have a milk container, you can already froth or heat milk during the brewing time. Enjoy the coffee of your choice. It is also important to clean the fully automatic machine thoroughly. This should be done at least once a week.

To clean the brewing unit, rinse it with clean water after the last coffee draw. You can easily remove the last coffee residues with a brew group cleaner. All sieves, drip grids and drip trays must be emptied and cleaned. The nozzle of the milk foam unit is cleaned very thoroughly under hot water. The water tank is emptied.

The following additional precautions will keep your coffee machine in pristine condition for a long time: In addition to daily cleaning, you should perform descaling every few weeks to keep the fine lines of the coffee machine clear. How often this is necessary depends on the individual amount of coffee consumed. Many fully automatic machines report the necessity automatically. Please proceed according to your manufacturer's instructions. This is described in the operating instructions. Only use descaler approved by the manufacturer and expressly suitable for coffee machines. Seals and valves could otherwise be damaged and a loss of warranty cannot be ruled out. The water tank also needs a thorough cleaning every few days. It's easy to do by hand or, if that's possible, in a dishwasher.>A special brush can be used to remove stuck coffee dust from the grinder. The nozzles of the milk foam unit can be cleaned effortlessly with a pipe cleaner or a special brush.


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A high-quality automatic coffee machine has many advantages: Once the machine is set to your taste and needs, it only takes a few simple steps for perfect preparation. Therefore, you can conjure up your favorite coffee especially in the morning when you have to be quick or spoil family or guests quickly and easily in the afternoon. The functionality of a fully automatic coffee machine lies between a professional portafilter and a capsule machine. The conclusion: For frahling lovers:inside, who want not only quality but also a lot of comfort and ease of use, the fully automatic machine is ideal.


Of course, the operation of the fully automatic coffee machine does not quite correspond to the authentic brewing of coffee, as it is done in Italy with the espresso maker. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a particularly good espresso with a high-quality fully automatic machine.


Descaling also ensures that the machine can heat the water sufficiently to produce perfect coffee. If the taste of your coffee changes, the first countermeasure you can take is intensive descaling, even outside the series. For offices, an automatic coffee machine that is self-cleaning is particularly suitable. Here you only have to make sure to set the water hardness level correctly, fill up the cleaning agent and set a time from when the automatic coffee machine should clean itself. If possible, do not use soap or detergent to clean the individual components or the brew group. Special degreasers can be found in stores, which you can use to professionally clean your milk nozzle, for example, without making it stick.