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Philip Vocke, founder of FirstLoveCoffee from Hamburg, recognized a gap in the market and started in 2018 with the idea of making the finest organic coffee accessible to everyone:n everywhere. With its mobile coffee bars, the company can be found at festivals, trade fairs and company parties - recognizable by the turquoise horse trailers that have been converted into chic stands.
In addition to classic coffee specialties, more unusual drinks such as coffee cocktails are also served. Only the roastery's own coffees are used for preparation. Now you can also enjoy the coffee comfortably at home and discover all varieties at Aromatico.
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Espresso wird an Siebträgermaschine zubereitet Espresso wird an Siebträgermaschine zubereitet


The small assortment of the roastery consists of certified organic coffees with Arabica beans from the Andes in Uganda and Robusta beans from Peru. They grow gently there and develop fascinating flavors that will delight you! After harvesting, the beans are slowly roasted in the rotary drum, which allows them to develop their full flavor.

You can choose between a dark espresso roast with notes of chocolate and nut, and delicious fruity filter coffee. The small assortment also allows you to make a quick decision. The colorful design of the packaging with great attention to detail reflects the passion of the team in the selection of coffee beans. This passion is always evident - with every sip and every cup!


The FirstLoveCoffee team believes that coffee enjoyment and sustainability can be combined. For this reason, the coffee beans are sourced only from self-selected areas. Under environmentally friendly conditions, the beans mature there and are of superior quality that you can taste. What is also close to the company's heart: the fair payment of the employees on the coffee farms. It therefore works with smaller coffee farmers who guarantee fair working conditions and compensate their employees appropriately for their work.


When the company started, the goal was to cover the northern German region from Kiel and Hamburg to Hanover, Bremen and Berlin with the mobile coffee bars. Today, there are fixed locations where FirstLoveCoffee can be found, either mobile or fixed - including, for example, Heidepark Soltau and Hagenbeck Zoo. Just check out the roastery's website for more information, or rent a coffee bar for a special occasion - a wedding, for example!

You can get a taste for it by getting to know the coffee roastery's high-quality range at Aromatico.

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